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Sentinel bug? Not game breaking though.


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Have not seen anything about this though I am hardly on the forums unless news is posted. Nothing game breaking or anything just a bit annoying. Carrier suddenly changes their hovering animation to look as if it is "T-posing" just without arms lol. The most it does is when it is like this it gets in the view of sniping/zooming in. It mostly stays to the side as you can see in the pictures, but it can get in the middle at times and get in the way of seeing things fully. I posted a 'before' and 'after' of what I mean as well. It really only does this when I stand still to take shots, I guess Carrier just loves getting all up in my face lmao. 


After haha:PKXrvxR.jpg

Took a second one to show it wasn't just a one time thing, they kept T-posing every time I stopped moving and get all up in my face.


When standing still to get a snapshot of how this gets in the way, Carrier went to the far left, you can see their tail right there. I have to use controller due to broken fingers so it was hard to get a shot while moving around since my keyboard has the screenshot button. But you can still see what I mean, now just imagine that tail whipping around your face/screen and being in full view every time you turn to line up an enemy.KPa6ScX.jpg

Again nothing game breaking just annoying but also funny to see them just staying still and following you before snapping back into their correct animation. 

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