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My Launcher Stuck on [Checking For New Content]


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okay..last night i played And Closed of my pc As usual .. but In the Morning i turned on my pc and Launched the game .. it downloaded 15mb of update and Then Start Checking for new content and Since then and now it is still checking ..restarted my router , Closed and Launched Again but wont do good .. and i dont even have a poopy Pc That could cause the problem 🙂

Maximus Ranger VIII
GTX Asus 1060 6gb
8gb Corsair Vengeance Ram ddr4 3200mhz
750psw Rm750

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This is happening to me right now, right after the first hotfix after the fortuna update. It says checking for new content and stops at the same amount every time. I have tried restarting, running in admin, running in 32bit mode, running with and without bulk and aggressive downloads, verifying (it gets stuck at 99% then), using a vpn, Running a different language version, and also deleting a file to force the game to download something but then it just gets the file back and goes back to checking for content. And I also tried letting it download through the night but after 8 hours its still the same thing. I'm thinking maybe its a specific file that its struggling with? if so then maybe we can be told which one it is so it can be deleted and redownloaded.

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