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Is it just me or is melee locking movement speed to standing still, or slowing you to a snail's pace if you melee?


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Since the Chimera update, a friend has noticed a significant change in the flow of his melee combos.  He has always used Sancti Magistar with Shattering Storm stance, Primed Fury, Berserker, and Dispatch Overdrive and noticed a change in his favorite melee weapon after coming back after the Chimera update.

Another user with a similar issue has mentioned it here:


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melee is borked atm. Ex: heavy stances like cleaving whirlwind lock you on place and are very slow , usually you could press sprint  and with speed buffs  move alot faster during a combo like broken bull etc...

momentum is gone too, and now you can be knocked back on some of the melee combos and moves of heavy weapons stances.

Its all broken


im a bit worried that DE hasn't acknowledge the terrible state of melee since the update.

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