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Bug with two corrupted mods on sentinel weapons.


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Vile Acceleration and Hollow Point are taking more than the 2.5% damage off of a couple of sentinel weapons.

I was just looking at cheap mods for two new sentinels, and noticed that Vile Acceleration was taking off more than 2.5% (rank 0) when i used it on Wynr's Laser Rifle. It dropped the damage from 0.8, 6.4, 0.8, to 0.7, 5.6, 0.7. The 0.7s are fine, as it is rounding, but the 6.4 to 5.6 is actually 12.5% not 2.5.

So i checked Vile Acceleration on all sentinel weapons, and it was fine on all the others except for Artax, which it drops from 5.0 to 4.0 (20%)

While checking all the others, i tried Hollow Point on Burst Laser, and it too took off too much damage, 15% instead of 2.5%

I checked both mods on a couple of frame weapons, and they were working fine. It seems to only be on sentines, so it's a really low priority thing, as most people probably aren't using corrupted mods on sents, but figured i would make the report anyway.

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