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Opticor does no damage to Vay Hek anymore


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Ok, so, not only does it not do any damage to Lephantis anymore (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1003131-opticor-does-no-damage-to-lephantis-anymore/), now it doesn't work on Vay Hek either? What's the point of using an Opticor then if it's rendered useless against things that it should rip and tear through?

It didn't use to be like this. I always did Vay Hek Sortie 3 with Mirage, Opticor and Pox. It always worked, and it was always fun. But, nope, F that, why should we have fun? Why should a freakin' LASER CANON do any damage? Screw that, throw it into the trash bin and go use MK1 Paris, cause it's MORE POWERFUL THAN THE BLOODY OPTICOR...

Seriously DE, are you guys that anti-Opticor? Remove if from the game then. Please, remove it from the game. It's better than it being there but doing no damage at all.

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The problem about Opticor is because it's a blast weapon, blast hit counted before the main beam that's why it bugged to targets can only dmg when they are expose or only can be dmg in certain spot, this also apply to eidolon. Or because they made that gun too powerful so they made it become trash like that or they just don't notice it. Etheir way yes rather just delete it.

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