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Nyx rework


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Hi everyone, here are some ideas for the Nyx rework, tell me what you think about it !!

Shield : 350

Health : 350

Armor : 100

Energy 225

Speed : 1.00

Passive : The more enemies there are affected by his powers, the faster his shield regeneration is


1st ability : Mind control (25 energy)

- Target an enemy and control him mentally to make him an ally who fights for her

- The controlled enemy becomes more powerful as it does damage

- When he dies, his body explodes causing damage to nearby enemies .


2nd Ability : Shared punishment (50 energy)

- Target an enemy and envelope him of an energy that disturbs its resistance to damage and becomes less resistant to the types of damage it receives the most

- Killing him creates a wave of energy that spreads power to nearby enemies

- Targeted a controlled enemy makes him more resistant to damage .


3rd Ability : Chaos (75 energy)

- Creates a wave of energy that disrupts the minds of enemies and makes them fight each other .


4th Ability : Absorption 

 - Creates a sphere of energy around her that protects her from all outside attacks

- The energy field absorbs and stores all the damage

- Once activated, all enemies hit by the 3rd ability attack the sphere

- Once power is off, all stored damage is released in a violent repulsive explosion


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