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FPS issues and Bugs after Chimera Patch


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Dear DE,

at first, my English isnt well, I am sorry.

I have noticed some bugs and mostly a problem with the performance. At first, the bugs.

- If I try to use the Synth Scanner to scan something, it will not be used, I am unarmed at this point and need to repeat it again and again to use my synthscanner
- if I am on a spy mission and want to hack a console, it dont let me do that, default key is 'X' and I can push it how often I want, it dont react, if I switch between Warframe and Operater it works
- some rooms u can usually like inside, behind a open door, u cant see inside, its hidden behind a black wall, if u go inside, the black wall switches so u cant see into the room u came from
- some Noggles are bugged, I have a Lotus one, the Head is bugged
- I bought the decoration star from the Apexis for Vitus Essence, I can see him only on high video settings otherwise he is invisable

Next is the most issue for me, I noticed some huge performance and fps drops around the game after the patch.

If I play a while the game goes to be very laggy. The fps drops almost around the half and is completly unplayable.

- if I zoom with a weapon, my fps drops around the half in many sitiation
- sliding and aiming drops fps around the half too
- sliding near a wall with camera inside the wall drops so hard it feels like a crash will incoming
- elite ounslaught and the new Elite Alerts are smooth at the start, but the performance drops really hard
- if I watch into the sun on an outside mission, the fps drops aroudn the half too
- the fps drops always and the same points: 71 fps normal and stable to 50-45 fps to 30 fps to 20 fps and never between
- some textures are differant now
- after Chimera release, I could see the Fog/Myst in our Dojo without enabled in my Videos Settings, my members told me DE changed the Engine so older PC's can play on higher Settings now, I can go inside our Dojo with Middle to High settings with 71 fps and they never drop, outside is impossable to use it on ounslaught
- if I start on my Operater room I have 71 fps, if I go the way to my Starchart the fps drop deeper and deeper

I dont changed anything on my system and I have the newest drivers installed, there are no new drivers to get and I didnt changed my video settings. I used some middle settings with the shiny lights like Colorcorrection or Blur and the game went nice. Now I have all on low and the game performance is very bad.

I got a motion sickness yesterday from playing that laggy fps game and my eyes starting to hurt inside

Pictures: (https://imgur.com/a/9Ajtxj4)












Maybe Warframe dont use all my 4 Cores of my CPU?

It would be nice if u can help me, I cant play at the moment.


Here is a video, it isnt mine, but it looks like what I am talking about.


Thank you

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Re-Bump... Unable to play since update. Was getting 60FPS (VSync) everywhere before update...

Getting at most 11 FPS on Low Settings...

Nvidia GTX 560

Just on the Login Screen, GPU is at 100%... 9FPS.


Would be happy to help diagnose the problem if contacted by anyone from DE.

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I am having an fps drop whenever i shoot any weapon or try to melee. I can run around have all kinds of particles and everything in my face and run 50fps but when i attack it will freeze the screen then hit 9-10 fps for a few seconds. The weird part is as an operator i can shoot just fine is anyone else having the issue like this?

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I have 2 setups and both suffered from massive FPS drop. 

GTX 560 --> From 60 (Vsync) to 3FPS

GTX 1050 --> From 100+ to 44FPS

Something is messed up in the latest version and the rendering engine. Many changes were made:

  • Optimized away more shader memory.
  • Made several TAA improvements: fixed blurring under motion, much higher quality, and much sharper results!
  • Improved systems for detecting driver compatibility issues on legacy graphics cards. 
  • Made a micro-optimization to drawing certain types of lights.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to particle systems and cloth simulation.



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yeah its still not fixed. Previously the game held a steady cap of 72 fps, which implied it could go way higher then that, probably in 90s or even higher. NOW though it doesnt even reach 70 fps in many instances and in modes like kuva survival or onslaught it rarely goes beyond 60, staying in 50s, sometimes going as low as 30 fps. Basicaly I'm losing more than 40 frames now, which means fps is pretty much halved now. Srsly I'm kinda afraid of what fps I'll get when Fortuna comes out. 

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I have a GTX 1060 3gb, i7 7700k, 16gb ram, I got consistent 144fps 90% of the time while playing warframe, the only exception was on the earth tileset, I would get 70, but post chimera some of the visuals look oddly muddy (may just be my eyes playing tricks on me) but I get inconsistent 72fps all the time, dropping to 47 and below at times, it rarely jumps back up to 144 except when I'm in my orbiter. Something is definitely wrong.

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I run a GTX 1080 TI with an i7-7700k and I've also noticed some strange performance behavior recently. I don't believe it's as drastic as some others have noted, but something is definitely amiss. I don't watch my frame rate anymore since the game never taxed it enough to bother, even on the highest settings, but yesterday I was getting some noticeable slowdowns while in the Index. I'm glad I'm glad I'm not the only one, but DE definitely needs to get this fixed.

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Today a hotfix, yesterday a hotfix. But nothing with our performance problem. The Red Text said this was the last hotfix before Fortuna comes out. So we cant play Fortuna with that issues?!

I send my Supportticket for over 8 days ago and its still no awnser 😞 People with really good Computers have that issues too...

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Have been having the same issues all week (GTX1080ti achieving a mighty 7 fps....).  Yesterday I updated to latest graphics driver : no effect, still rubbish fps.  Today I've disabled the steam overlay while in-game & unchecked enable streaming.  I have also disabled the in-game overlay in Geforce experience and run CCleaner to clean any problems with the registry, windows & applications.  Warframe is currently running @ 70fps (still a bit low compared with 100+ previously), but at least its playable again.  Don't know if it'll help, but might be worth a try.

Update: fps dropped through the day to < 30 and this morning was running at 2 fps.  The increase yesterday must have been a god moment. 😞

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Dear DE,

can u finally give us a signal or something else we know u recognize the problems? If you are so close to your Community you should not act like every Company. It feels bad if we dont know if u know about and dont ignore.

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