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An idea for "true" endgame.


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So, I recently watched a video called POWER DONATION MACHINE BROKE.

After watching it, I came upon a comment that had a, in my opinion, very interesting idea that I agreed with.


Whilst I'm sure this won't actually "permanently fix any content drought" it would be one of the most fun tools to use in the game if implemented and would give actual endgame players something to toy around with when waiting between updates, especially if you can invite some friends into the mode or perhaps rework the multiplayer Captura mode into this?

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I see a very big flaw in this system: Rewards.

- If you allow loot, Kuva and Focus, this whould break several systems.

- If you don't hardly anyone whould play the mode.

Personally, i love the idea.

However, if we face reality, most people are not in the game to play the game, but to grind ressources.

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