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Damage Number Flyoffs Feedback (Cloud of Damage)


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So, this is something that's been bugging me for a while,
and I waited to throw this up here after a major update,
because I wanted this to get buried under a mountain of duplicate posts regarding that update.


One of the unavoidable things about Warframe is it's very fast.
And this is a good thing, however, the current damage display, for me at least, tends to get in its own way.
For example, firing a machine gun at a target, and doing multiple 20,000+ damage hits to it, can cloud the screen and affect aim or situational awareness.
Insert your own favorite method for creating the "Cloud of Damage" effect here.


But at the same time, you NEED these numbers to gage the combat state.
I'd like an option to either shorten the display time of damage numbers, truncate them or cause them to quickly fly farther to the side of the target.
Perhaps even all three as their own separate options?


For example, with Truncating (ON) the damage numbers would result in the following:
 * Damage 0 to 9999 would remain unchanged.
 * Damage 10000 to 999999 would be truncated to 10k to 999k.
 * Damage 1000000 to 9999999 would be truncated to 1.0m to 9.9m and shown in bolder text.
 * Damage 10000000 to 999999999 would be truncated to 10m to 999m and shown in bolder text.
 * Damage 1000000000 and above would be truncated to DEATHSHOT and shown in bolder text.


As always, have fun out there, be kind to each other, but equally mean to those that oppose the Tenno!
q8rLzRd.png-  holyicon

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On 2018-10-16 at 5:11 PM, holyicon said:

What's your point?

I'd like the Option to shorten or move the damage numbers.

In case you're not familiar with the word "Option", here's a handy link.


Where does the slippery slope end, people wanna see the full damage number not some way more efficient game enhancing abbreviations where does it end, with other minor quality of life fixes do they actually make the crit color coding system make sense next as well?!?!?!?!?

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