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Rolling Guard should be an Exilus Mod!


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8 minutes ago, (XB1)Skippy575 said:

I'm gonna be "that" guy for a minute. Does the status effect removal bar it from being an Exilus mod? To me this looks like the Armored Agility issue. 


This could be a problem. Rapid Resilience, the only othe warframe mod that does anything with status effects, is not an exilus.

Though if DE wants anyone to use it, it probably should be. If Primed Sure Footed is an exilus, Rapid Resilience should be as well.

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Just now, 1thurts said:

I guess it is too good to be an exilus mod. I mean srsly if it is then I will put this mod on every single warframe I have and just ignore the existence of any other exilus mod.

i disagree. even as an exilus mod there are plenty of frames and builds where i would use a drift mod or something like firewalker instead. rolling guard is really a heavy niche mod imo. 

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