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My Arbitration Mag Build


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I've been a Mag main throughout my time with Warframe.  I've gone through many different builds with her.  I hear a lot of misunderstanding with how to use her or if she's even any good.  And with the introduction of Arbitration I figured this was a good time to share a bit since I've been cleaning up fairly easily in Arbitration.   So, here is my final Arbitration build for Mag.  I'm gonna explain myself so hold your exclamatory remarks till after.



Ok first things first.  I'll change my Aura depending on the mission but usually I stick with Corrosive Projection or Energy Siphon.  I threw a Naramon polarity on my Exilus slot a long time ago.  Something I kinda regret now but I'm usually in need of Rush so it usually works out.  Although I might have used something different for this particular build.  I don't really see speed as a necessity for Mag in Arbitration.  She'd just be the last one to get to each dig for Excavation and the last to get to Extraction.  Not a deal breaker by any means.

Natural Talent - Speeds up Crush immensely.  I didn't used to use Crush that much until I got her augment which I'll talk about shortly.  This also speeds up everything else and since my Efficiency is at 175% I'll be using LOTS of abilities.  And with Mag, I use every single one of them.

Overextended - On most builds with Mag I'd also have Stretch and Augur Reach to reach Max Range.  In Arbitration I'm satisfied with 190% Range because the drones aren't effected by abilities anyway so I'll have to be in range to kill them first and anything I can see is well within my 190% Range.

Intensify - Overextended tanks my Strength so I make up a bit of it by using this.  I don't really care about my Strength too much because this build is more about containment and providing overcharged shields to myself and the team.  If I had Primed Stretch I wouldn't need to do this.  But I don't.  🙂

Streamline & Fleeting Expertise - I KNOW I KNOW.  I should never have maxed out my Fleeting Expertise and maybe one day I'll get another one and not be so reckless but it is what it is and I really don't care about duration too much.  The heart of this build is my ability to use a crap ton of abilities anytime I freaking want to.  These two Mods get me to Max Efficiency.  Which, as you can see in the screen shot below, makes my Abilities stupid cheap.  Pull needs only 6 energy to cast.  And Pull is enough to get  me out of any bad situation fast.  It might not be my go to but I can always count on it as my Oh Sh*t!! ability without having to worry about wasting a bunch of energy.  175% is the most Efficiency you can get which is why my Streamline is sitting at 2. (Already explained my Fleeting Expertise situation...Maybe I'll buy another one today)

Adaptation - This little bastard is my latest and greatest.  If you're not using this on your frame, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Maybe if I had Mag Prime, I MIGHT even be able to get away with not using Vitality but with 225 Health and 65 Armor, that's just not enough to make sure I'll survive any direct to health damage.  Even with this amazing Mod.

Vitality - Pretty much just explained it.

Fracturing Crush - This Augment does a lot actually.  First off, it makes Crush usable.  Something I didn't think possible before.  It strips 50% of armor from all surviving enemies AND it holds them in place for 7 seconds AND it applies all that stripped armor to overcharge the whole teams shields.  Pretty freaking great.  This also means I don't need a Shield Augment because I can get my shied's over 1500 as soon as enemies start showing up.

This leaves me with 10 Mod slots which is converted to extra starting energy.  I don't utilize any sort of Flow on this build because my efficiency is so high and I end up using abilities before I ever hit my base max.   She excels at Defense because she can overcharge shields with Crush & keep shields at max with Polarize.  Even the targets shields get overcharged.  The shields for Excavation targets can not though.  But she can still recharge them.  And you can damn near do Interception by yourself with that range.  On a max range build, she does Interception by herself with no problem whatsoever.  But in Arbitration I'd be giving up too much for that build.  Gonna have to rely on squad mates (sadly)

I take either an Arca Plasmor (4 Forma) or my Rubico Prime (6 Forma).  And I take my Synoid Gammacor because of its ability to grant energy through its innate Entropy effect.  And I usually have my Kronen Prime equipped when I'm using Mag because they just look so bad ass on her.

And if anyone is wondering why I'm not using Mag Prime.  Well, it's because Mag Prime doesn't really bring TOO much to the table.  A bit more Health & Shields and the Energy thing with Death Orbs.  Plus, I'd have to add a few forma to get it up to snuff with my current Mag.  One day I will.  But not today.  Mag is pretty great as is.




My Mag with Paris Prime.





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i used Mag since my first day with Warframe but i stopped using her when i farmed Rhino. Then came Valkyr Prime and a lot of other warframe but i'm still emotionally attached to my Mag so sometime i try a new build. Then today i acquired Mag Prime and so i'm searching for a good build for her. I also have plenty of forma now and a lot of mods so i guess i can try a more useful build 🙂

besides i got no Arbitration (yet) so i'm wondering if this build will work with something else, maybe squeezing inside the umbral mods (mostly vitality 'cause fiber is not worth enough with so low starting armor), or a Quick Thinking?

At the moment i'm not planning on using her on arbitration but i guess i'd like to use her to get a bit more fun 🙂 so i'm not searching for "the uber 10000% powerful build evahhhhhh" but just a funny build wich will repay me of the love i used on my first frame 🙂 (-ish because is the prime version 😄 )

ps: i did'nt think about weapon complement; i have Arca Plasmor and Ignis Wraith i use for crowd control, or Supra Vandal (with augment) for a rain of projectile. For secondary i normally use Akstiletto Prime status based, unless i switch to Zakti for dual wield with Orvius. As for melee i have Galatine Prime (Blood Rush build; i have also Gram Prime in foundry and Paracesis on leveling so probably i'll change the Galatine with one of those other), and then Orvius or a Tonbo i use with riven mod (both of them using Condition Overload build)

ty for your advices 🙂

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