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Ideas for new Vitus rewards?


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il y a 9 minutes, -QUILL_PETER- a dit :

Arbiter Drone Sentinel skin please

Oh yes ❤️ This would be amazing 

There could also be small accolades under the profile glyph in game (sorta like the ones for founders in the forums). 

Or special profile glyphs that change the more vitus you collect. 

Or some other sigil. 

Or armour sets.

Or landing craft skins. 

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8 hours ago, Autongnosis said:

I'd really want something that becomes cooler the more vitus you collect, sorta like a pumped version of the stratos emblem. 

Well when they originally showed us the alerts on that first devstream they were saying how every time you complete an elite alert your emblem would sorta upgrade like the Stratos emblem. But clearly they have scrapped that idea. The elite alerts are much different from what they originally were gonna be from the looks of it. Not the first time DE has done that though.

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They should make it a lot more rewarding for starts. But they could also add the following:

  • Kuva
  • Forma 
  • Orokin Catalyst/Reactor 
  • Riven Mods (Maybe)
  • Greater Focus lens (since we can't seem to get them anywhere else)

But I think that any Endo drops need to be buffed to match the other Endo farming methods such as Arena. Regarding Vitus essence, I think they will add lot's more rewards but I think they should also add other things you can buy like Formas so that we always have something we can spend our Vitus on. I'm not sure what they are planning when it comes to adding new rewards and how often they will add them. But it could be like Baro; every two weeks we get some new items. Overall this new game mode has a nice challenge to it but as always it has much room for improvement.


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