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i didn't get the stuff from killing a eidolon teralyst


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The Eidolon Drops aren't mission rewards and have to be physically picked up after killing one. Unfortunately this means that if you didn't pick it up (either due to crashing immediately or just didn't know you had to pick it up) or if a host migration occurs and glitches your pickups for that mission, you're out of luck unless you have a screenshot of your progress screen with the loot in it (which most people wouldn't have, because most people aren't lemmings that take a screenshot of every little thing).

I've missed out on an arcane or two due to this. However it's just the nature of Eidolons and freeroam. The Bounty is more or less there just to get people with the same intentions into the same squad, it doesn't actually have any objectives to complete nor can really be completed.

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Ok, so this happens to me ALOT.... like enough that I need to say something now, cuz it happened to me about 10 minutes ago again!   I went around and picked up ALL of the loot, I'm a veteran I've done this many times.   What happens is someone disconnects or swaps out of the party while waiting for the gates to open at the end of the mission, and this boots the rest of the party.  I lost allllllll of the shards and loot I had picked up for the last 30 mins of the hunt.   LAME LAME LAME, its a core issue and its one I doubt they'll fix soon, because it has to do with match making.  I love this game, but sometimes some seriously messed up crap happens.  

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