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How much longer is it going to take DE to fix path finding?


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Come on since Arbitration's (Elite Alerts / Chimera update) missions are being dragged out because NPC path finding is bugged and constantly getting stuck in majority of missions. Missions that suck right now are:

  • Survival
  • Defence

With NPCs getting stuck where they spawn or along the path of "grr tenno hat tenno" Survivals are more irritating to maintain and Defence missions are just dragged out because some dumb NPC wants to get stuck in the wall. 

Now for mission nodes that can abuse this:

  • Interception
  • Excavation
  • Defection

Thanks to this path finding bug Excavations and Interception missions are actually a lot easier to control and highly predictable. Sorry I didn't bring proof but on the right tilesets you only have to worry about 2 Interception nodes as the NPCs ignore the other 2. Excavations, everything groups up and gets stuck so excavators get less pressure.

So it's been 3 days and it's getting rather dull having to do more work because DE hasn't fixed their update. I get it they are working on 4tuna and all that but seriously, get hotfixing already.

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AI has been in my opinion one of the weakest link in Warframe for a few years now at least, pathfinding has been broken before PoE, and PoE messed it up even more, and now again it has been broken.
If anything needs a complete overhaul/remaster/rework, it's AI, put Gas City and Dojos on hold, I'd be okay with even putting melee 3.0 on hold, just make sure enemies do not make missions a complete broken mess where minutes pass as you desperately try to hunt them down for life support/power cells/ending waves.
Not to mention improving the flow of exterminate missions, or all your dorky cats and dogs that just break down constantly as they can't navigate from one room to another, or even find where an enemy is in relation to them and the environment, they seem blind and trying to go by hearing mostly, or they just can't figure the most optimal route to their next target, i.e. pathfinding.

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