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Dual Sword Incorrect Finishers


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Dual sword finishers (front and back) play the Tranquil Cleave Nikana animations, including how damage is dealt, when on the Plains, in the Kuva Fortress, in the Simalcrum, and in Onslaught. On other tilesets such as Gas City, Void, Grineer Galleon, etc. they play the proper dual sword finishers. Ground finishers are always correct. This happens for any dual sword weapon with any frame, incurring finishers by any means.

This has been occurring for several weeks, probably months now. I am unsure when it started.

Update: I have just observed heavy sword finishers in the Kuva fortress and dual sword finishers on Uranus play Tranquil Cleave Nikana animations. Perhaps the problem is connected to tilesets that are specialty made or support Archwing?

As a further note, the Tranquil Cleave Nikana animations ignore non-static speed enhancements (Beserker, Arcane Strike) but do work with static speed mods (Fury, Gladiator Vice, Spoiled Strike).

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I spent the past hour in the simalcrum trying to work out why it wasn't showing the correct dual sword finisher animation. Thanks to your post I can now go and do something more productive knowing it is simply a bug and not something I was doing wrong.

Hopefully it will be fixed pretty soon. I really like that animation.

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