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Stave Quick Melee Possible Hitbox Issue


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 - Tested primarily with Plague Keewar + Shtung + Vargeet 2 Jai stave Zaw
 - Tested with both Clashing Forest and Flailing Branch stances with no difference
 - Tested with and without Reach, distance increases but the hitbox is still in the wrong relative location
 - Tested with and without any equipped mods or arcanes, no difference other than expected stat boosts
 - Tested Bo, another stave type weapon, the same thing was happening so I think it's related to all staves and not just my Zaw, I don't have any other staves accessible to test with
 - Tested on both enemies and loot containers with the same results between them
 - Tested with Mirage holograms/dopplegangers, they were also affected by the seeming relocation of the hitbox for the first hit
 - Tested with both primary and secondary equipped, no difference in behavior noticed
 - Tested with melee equipped, appeared to hit from expected angles and distances


Since the update I noticed in missions that my Zaw, a stave made with Plague Keewar, Shtung, and Vargeet 2 Jai I lovingly named Osteoporosis, seemed to just not feel as good to use or as effective as it used to. Knowing that "feel" wasn't really a good metric to go by, I brought it to the Simulacrum for further testing. In there I noted that the first strike of quick-melee doesn't hit anything unless you're close enough to the enemy to be essentially touching them when you use it while facing them, or within the expected weapon ranged if the enemy is behind and to the left of you. The second strike of quick-melee has no problem hitting multiple enemies from considerable distance or from the expected direction. Paying closer attention in missions shows similar results to what I saw in Simulacrum with not being able to hit enemies or loot containers in front of me with the first quick melee strike while the second strike hits fine. I've included gifs of some testing in the Simulacrum below.

https://gfycat.com/ThornyNegligibleJay - Testing while facing an enemy from various distances. Near the end of the gif I test the second strike of quick melee and it can hit them from the same distances.

https://gfycat.com/AgreeableWhichBarnacle - Testing while facing away from an enemy. It took me a few tries but you can see the hit notification on the crosshair when I managed to hit them. It seems that they need to be at roughly "7-8oclock" compared to the frame in order to be hit by that first strike. Second strike of quick melee does not hit anything that's in this spot.


Hopefully this is done right since this is my first bug report.


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