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Tempus, the timekeeper


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Tempus, the Timekeeper

NOTE - I understand that Limbo is widely regarded as the ‘time frame’ which is why Tempus does not have the ability to completely stop time for anyone, his abilities are more focused around the manipulation of time.

Stats at rank 30:

Health- 350

Shields- 200

Armour- 65

Energy- 190

Sprint speed- 1.0


Passive- ‘Chronology’- 

The progression of time only increases the Tempus’ lethality. The longer Tempus remains in a mission, the more fluid his abilities become. (Ability efficiency increases by 1% for every minute that Tempus is in the mission, capping at bonus 30%, but cannot exceed the 175% efficiency cap)


Ability 1- ‘Timekeeper’-

Tempus sets the time on his personal pocket watch, each position (Time state) on the watch alters the AoE effect. (Positions can be set to 15, 30, 45, 60 and are activated in a similar fashion to Ivara’s quiver). Positions 15 & 30 apply a faster melee & sprint speed to allies (15 has higher duration but less strength & 30 grants faster speed for a lower duration)

Positions 45 & 60 apply enemies that come within range of affected allies with a slow effect

(45 has higher range but slows enemies less & 60 slows enemies more but for a much shorter range, duration for 45 & 60 are the same). 

Cost- 25 per cast, can only have 1 time state active at a time, changing time state removes the effect of the previous state.


Ability 2- ‘Reparation’-

AoE ability, casting this ability removes any status effects applied to allies aswell as healing them through any damage they have taken in the last 10s (10s not affected by mods). Casting this ability when no allies are around simply heals Tempus for a portion of his health.

Cost- 50


Ability 3- ‘Decay’-

Tempus releases a single wave of energy that rapidly accelerates the deterioration of enemy armour, enemy armour is significantly easier to penetrate with weapons.

Enemy armour decrease %- 25/28/31/35

Damage- 75

Cost- 75


Ability 4- ‘Temporal fracture’-

Tempus fractures the timeline, spilling past or future into the present, depending on the time state currently equipped (15 & 30 = past, 45 & 60 = future).

Past- Tempus creates pulsating waves of energy every 3s for 15s, any projectiles that enemies fire within the 3s are returned to the enemy, dealing damage (note: the initial projectiles do still damage you as normal, enemies simply receive damage from them every 3s)

Future- Tempus’ expertise in chronology allow him to gain knowledge from glimpsing into the future, while this ability is active, allies gain the benefit of Tempus’ passive at its maximum potential (+30% pwr efficiency, not affected by mods) and bonus weapon damage (+60%, affected by strength mods).

Duration (s)- 15/16/17/18

Cost- 100

Any feedback is appreciated.

(I may have phrased this concept poorly, I am happy to answer any questions about it)

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