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Unable to Claim Twitch Primes



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i have the same problem here,

12 hours ago, (PS4)brettles1983 said:

This comes up every time twitch do loot for Warframe.

Have you guys searched the forums?  Im sure there are hundreds of threads relating to this which containe the answers you are looking for.  Its very common, the whole thing is a little buggy.

Do a search, there are alot of work arounds and suggestions on here


i havent found any work arounds 😞 could you share us some?


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5 hours ago, KosmicKerman said:

Oh man I love you

seriously, jump on google. It has ALL the answers. 

Best trick is to unlink and then relink your accounts. 

Log out of Warframe and log back in. 

Did you go to twitch tv and claim your loot?

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