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Free prime with prime weapon bundle not received.


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Hi DE, I've received every prime with prime reward up till now without issue, but clicking redeem this time seems to have done nothing. I've had no communication with darvo (excluding the initial message with the clem drama), and have logged in and out multiple times without receiving vectis prime/fang prime.

Because It's already collected (apparently) on twitch, I can't click it again to retry.


Hope this can get resolved,



EDIT: Reconnecting your account to twitch will resolve this. You must disconnect your accounts on the WARFRAME side, NOT twitch. Here is a picture showing where you disconnect your accounts.

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Solution found (not optimal)
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I attempted to unlink my twitch and warframe accounts to reconnect and hopefully receive the bundle. In doing so, my account appears to be disconnected on twitch, but is still 'connected' on the warframe site. So now I can't reconnect my twitch and warframe account either.

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