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melee sound issues


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theres a few problems.

first melee slam attacks sound pretty much all the same, and its not even a good sound. the sound is weird, it just doesnt sound like a physical collision. the actual collision is too soft and/or maybe its drowned out by all the other lead up sounds. I suggest using the old sfx which actually sounds alright and is different for each type of weapon and just update on that.

nikana (especially dragon nikana) wind sounds need to be higher pitched. the frequency is so low it doesnt sound like a sharp sword slicing through air.

impact sounds for big/heavy weapons are still completely off. they are too soft. weapons like heavy blades, pole arms, staves and hammers just dont have the right energy in their wall impact sounds.  enemy impacts seem fine. in fact i do have to praise the work on enemy impact sounds for bladed weapons esp. they sound amazing.


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When I got the Update, the first thing I did was...


play the chimera prologue. So the first melee weapon I used was the Paracesis. I noticed the ground slam sounded different, and kind of matched the weapon.

But then I tried the other weapons and yeah I agree. Each melee class should have its own unique ground slam sound effect.

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