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[The Sacrifice] Quest triggers not starting using void dash


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If you void dash towards Umbra, on any mission where you have to fight him, he will not fight. In the grineer shipyards you can complete it without triggering the fight (walking back towards the door will trigger his ai on). In the corpus ship tileset you can't use transference on him(in the first fight) and causes the mission to become unbeatable if you kill the sentients around him. I'm using Naramon focus with maxed out dash speed. Also you can glitch his ai on lua and defeat him before the 'final fight' starts with him, but this might be intended.

Also my venari ran straight at him and did most of the damage to the sentients, might be able to just let it go in through the door and kill them too. Maybe add one of those 2 person door switches to prevent companions from just running in and breaking it too.


Have some fun shots of me picking on his bodyDBC62FDBFB48D56EA1BDA6C93685138F13BC81BE24D2225CFFD00FA53797CB04427C37CCA449E90C

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