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Maybe a bug on Paracesis


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So, 2 days ago i forged Paracesis but i dont know much about it mechanics to be sure if it is a bug or not.

I've upgraded Paracesis to lvl 28 and putted 7 upgraded mods on that and went to farm some more xp, when i came back to my orbital, afeter upgrading it to lvl 30, i've tried to put an elemental mod on the empty slot, but for some reason instead of increasing the damage it was reducing.

I did some test to be sure if it was a mechanic or a bug , i had (in that order): 
Tempo Royale                 rank 3 (max)
primed preassure point   rank 8
organ shatter                   rank 5 (max)
true stell                           rank 5 (max)
gladiator rush                   rank 5 (max)
berserker                          rank 5 (max)
reach                                rank 7 (max)
Jagged Edge                    rank 5 (max)
Empty slot                        -----

So... Once i had an empty slot i tried to put an elemental mod on my Paracesis and the overall damage was getting reduced (example: i had 500 slash dmg , when i put "fever strike" on the remaining slot, the slash damage decreases to 200 and the toxin dmg was added with 200 as well [fever strike was fully upgraded] [not only the slash dmg was reduced , it is just an example]).

I tought it could be an incompatibility with "Jagged Edge" mod or the Paracesis itself with elemental mods (some sort of new mechanic) so i´ve tried to put a "rending strike" instead of any elemental mod and the same thing happened , instead of increasing damage it was reducing to the exactly same amount as elemental mods were reducing.
After that i've tried to use the exactly same mods that i used before (elementals and rending strike) but not upgraded ones (rank 0) , and it works perfectly as it suposed to be (the mod dmg was added and the base dmg and bonus from another mods weren't reduced). But i couldn't use Paracesis with an rank 0 mod (it was to weak) , so conveniently i found a text (dont remember where , but it was inside the game , maybe a hint or the description of Paracesis itself) that said that Paracesis could reach lvl 40 after getting a forma.
With that in mind i went to my arsenal and formed Paracesis once. After the forma, i've upgraded Paracesis to lvl 30 aggain and modded it exactly the way i wanted and everything was working perfectly. Dont know if it is a bug or some sort of new mechanic that im missing.

Oh , i forgot to mention that the first time that i've "maxed out" Paracesis lvl it only reached lvl 32, and after the forma the same thing happened (my Paracesis is now lvl 32 cap with 1 forma and orokin catalyst installed) and it is suposed to be lvl 40 cap, right?


Sorry about gramatical issues (English is no my first language) and any information i may be missing (im kinda new to the game).

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