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Eidolon Hunts mixed rewards



Hey guys, apologize if this has been asked, i did a very brief search as it is late at night and just want this out there.


Been doing Eidolon hunts with my friends and after we finish capturing the third one i always have 1 less of each radiant and briliant shard than they do. They have told me they have not heard of any reason that this should be happening other than that i am missing the pick up.

So naturally im knocking out the obvious options first

1. i am now absolutley checking to make sure i have not missed any pickups ( i am not)

2. I am cross checking with what they have after each eidolon falls (only matching on the first)

3. we are successfully completing each hunt with more lures than required have 4 or 5 on the last every time charged and linked


my friends end the mission with 4 brilliant and 3 radiant each time we are fully successful i however end with 3 and 2.


any help on this would be awesome as they say they have not heard of any reason.



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There is some kind of exploit, that allows you to duplicate shards on altar. From my experience, if you place a shard on altar and it somewhy disappears (so you have to replace it with another one), then be sure - you will find extra shard in your mission reward. If this bug happens for Gantulyst summon - you get extra Brilliant shard, if for Hydrolyst - then Radiant.

I've never bothered discorvering how this exploit really works. For me it happened several times, when I got first to altar, placed my shard while on archwing and quickly fly away for extra lures. After coming back with lures, sometimes I found, that the game actually didn't register my shard placement and forced me to place another one.


+1 Brilliant from Teralyst capture

-1 Brilliant for Gantulyst summon

+1 Brilliant +1 Radiant from Gantulyst capture

-1 Radiant for Hydrolyst summon

+2 Brilliant +2 Radiant from Hydrolyst capture

Total: +3 Brilliant +2 Radiant - anything extra is a bug/exploit

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