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Maroo's Bazaar


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Wasn't too sure to post this or not but it is something that has been on my mind and has been most likely brought up by other members of the community. But I was just thinking of some quality of life updates that can just make life easier for those that go to maroo's bazaar often. 

1. Being able to change items that you are displaying to sell without closing shop pretty sure most of everyone sometimes has stocked up on a few items they want to sell and then sells 1 maybe 2 of those items. But those 2 items are still being displayed if you could just press Q and have second button saying change items as well as close shop button it would be a bit of a time saver and just a nice touch. 

2. Having a way to always know how many trades you have left other then mentally keeping count and clan dojo. I would say it doesn't have to be in the bazaar to see or know this but this is the only other place you can trade in game but you only can see this in clan dojo if we can preview or have a note somewhere when trading to know how many trades you personally have left would be great. 

3. If possible to get better value of the limited amounts of trades you get a day. Being able to stack items so you can sell or buy in bulk everyone has maybe once or twice have maybe been like you know I should buy a ton of ayatan amber stars I am super low or I should buy a ton of ayatan treasures I need endo but either of these you can only buy 5 of. But what if you can stack and sell items if they are the same so then you can buy as many as the other is willing to sell and the same with treasures? When we sell excessive blueprints or extract endo from ayatan treasures instead of picking 1 by 1 we can put in the quantity it would be the same concept and I believe a lot of people would be happy with this. 

I have other ideas but those I would rather not say for now cause if these are seen negatively the others would definitely be. 

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