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Arca Plasmor Bug


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arca plasmor projectile was always bouncy they just made it visible now, it bounces off frost's bubble as well unless you shoot from inside out, to be fair though I haven't been in groups with Gara that much I thought the glass shield thing worked the same as Frost's bubble

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It's not just Garas wall either. It bounces off Shield Lancer shield (bottom half) and Grineer Ramparts (Glass bits) as well no matter how much punch through you have. There is most likely a few other things as well as some random things have nullified my shots since the Chimera update but I didn't catch what they were. I've had a few moments were I was aiming at a huge group of enemies and shot and nothing happened lol. No projectile came out and if one did it didn't go far. Maybe something to do with our sentinel?

And bump cause needs fixed, hard. Don't think I've done an Arbitration without getting a Gara on defense yet and being forced to not use my favorite gun because of a 2 week old bug is pretty annoying. You can't fix a bug when its bad but when it positively effects the gun you get it done in a couple days? Makes sense.

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