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Carpal Tunnel blocker + Decent stable list


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Good whatever time zone you are in Tenno.

I'll try to be as brief as possible and, as per title, I'd like to propose two simple ideas that, IMHO, would greatly benefit our time and experience with the game

1 - Can the devs please change the mining so that when you hit 5 stars you automatically get the ore instead of having to hold mouse button and drawing stuff until done? I don't claim to be a mining god but many times I happened to sigh  because of this. It's not game breaking nor something that could be abused. Just save us time and some pain for our wrists.

2 - Ever since I mas MR 24 (now 25) I used to check the codex to see what I was missing in order to rank up. With the arrival of the chimera update the list changed again and some items have disappeared from the list (and it's not the first time this happened). One example this time is the zaw entry since it's no longer present. Can we please get a stable list without phantom weapons so we can have an easier time planning what to max next?


And that's it. Hope I didn't waste too much time of your time.


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