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"Update failed! Some content blablabla"


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Hi there,

Since the last hotfix I just can't launch the game at all, I have this infamous "Update failed! Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. The update will be restarted shortly..screen.

Infamous because after searching a bit on a the net, oh boy I found that is an almost random issue since ... years?
And I tried everything I found, from C++ visual repair to language change and VPN use tho nothing worked for me so far and I feel kinda out of option right now.

So here I am.

RIP my boosters btw.

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4.220 Sys [Error]: Cache B.Cache.Windows_en.bin not found on cache server

Seriously devs?

Even german cannot update


Could not get request /Cache.Windows/B.TextureDx9_de.cache.8A37DB972E55239FD8DE5B40E35096BA.lzma (status: 500)


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same problem rip boosters for fortuna i reinstalled warframe and updated windows still not working was trying the internet explorer stuff they suggest in the form post but no help next stop is trying to figure out what c++ to uninstall because man do i have a lot from so many games... hope someone finds a fix 

have reset tcp/ip turned off firewall and virus stuff still no effect done the waiting on the error screen for 30 minutes no effect 

and now it just works cool nothing i did helped .... i think 

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