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Gore 2.0? (Test Results, recommendations)


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Hello. I want to talk about the gore system In Warfame. I was testing all my weapons In the simulacrum, and I noticed some stuff. Here are some:

 -You will dismember an enemy only if your weapon's slash damage exceeds other physical damage types. But, even if slash is the weapon's highest dmg type, if It's really close to some other physical damage type, it will not dismember enemies. Example: Dex Sybaris: 34% Slash damage. Yes, slash is the highest damage type there, but It's not dominating.

 -Elemental Damage Types. There are 2 Elemental Damage types, that affect corpses: Heat and Corrosive. Heat burns the enemy, nothing special, corrosive makes the enemy look like a jello.

 -Dismemberment is affected by the Damage Dealt to the enemy. Example: A Chance to dismember a LvL 1 Lancer, you won't need to deal that much damage to dismember him. But... A level 30 Elite Lancer will require more damage, not only to kill the enemy but also dismember him. I don't know if dismemberment relies on overkills or not. Maybe It's just the armor's fault. (Going to test against corpus too)

 -There will be instances of an enemy not giving a darn about your Slash Shenanigans but ignore any dismemberment. (Personally annoying)

And that's all I got. I hope this will be seen by DE staff, and as a gore nerd, that would be AMAZING. (Also... If DE actually sees this: Please remove the exclusivity of gore to slash damage, I know dismembering someone with a blunt hammer doesn't make any sense, but... Since when video games follow logic nowadays? It's okay to have some fun and satisfaction when playing a game. Please.

 Thanks for reading!

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4 минуты назад, GnarlsDarkley сказал:

Isn't it more like: Dismembering only occurs when the killing blow is a slash proc. At least that's why I thought all those years. But I never had the urge to test and find it out.

At first, I thought it was like that, but it isn't. I tested slash procs too, they just deal damage.

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I can see DE looking at this Post when Garuda comes because you know, She's a Gore focused Bird. This could be only me but Enemies above 100 seems to be Dismembered when you get the Killing Blow with a Slash Weapon before the enemy is about to Die which is easier to do with a Maiming Strike Atterax than it is with a Tigris Prime. So Gore becomes less Common when you reach a higher level which is not as Fun as Watching a lvl 200 Corrupted Heavy Gunner get cut in half with your Weapon.

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Agreed with OP, and adding onto that, it always amuses/bothers me to see when I dismember/gore an enemy, it seems random how it spawns limbs and removes them from enemies, for example I might dismember a corpus crewman, and a head and arm might come flying off, but the corpse still has both arms, and lost a leg instead, or something as goofy as that.
The entire process could be cleaned up to make it look a bit more natural how the bodies fall apart, how limbs look like and fit aesthetically the enemy faction and type you dismembered instead of all being universally the skinned looking arms/legs/heads.

Also, when are robots and other techy units going to just simply have their plating and limbs blown off as well?
With Gore 2.0, blood decals and spurts could use a touch up to make their spawning and spread more consistent and natural. Also more blood for the blood god! >:D

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