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in the dojo ; visual bug in inspiration hall and various comments


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Hi! ...I do not know if it is right here that we must approach the subject ......2 little bug in this new hall of the dojo "Hall of inspiration"
1; we can see part of an element of a room as "the generator" in space through the glass of this hall
2; if you build several "inspiration hall" side by side! but "shifted" = the "corner washer of the room" travels the walls in the middle of the other "hall"  (Personally it does not bother me too much because I think that anyway I would put decorations here! all the halls)

thank you in advance for the repairs! ... and enjoy it too! (I know, I am abusing!) for a suggestion / request for a variant of this "lobby inspiration" = a version "close" without a view of space (for consistency + if one builds under -sol via elevator axes)

ps: just to say that the intensity of illumination or saturation light or chromatic dojo = pique a can eyes! ... if it is part of the new adjustment (and deffinitif) it is good to mention it in a future " maj "(so that we understand ourselves by making adjustments in the options)

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