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Single Shot Weapons


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Hi all,


I am Wondering if there can be a way of making single shot ( Guns And Bows ) keep firing, by keeping the Fire Key Held Down Please,

but keep the time delay, the same as if pushing the fire key down each time.

and maybe a toggle key to turn it on and off.

I think this will bring some life back to the bows !!.


thanks in advance


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5 minutes ago, Ravenuk said:

I think this will bring some life back to the bows !!.

Dunno, regular Bows kind of aren't supposed to be shot as fast as possible
(and also have other problems when it comes to competing with other weapons).

If you want a full-auto Bow, there's Attica and Zhuge, FWIW.

But yeah, you do have a point in that semi-auto fire is pretty bleh for anything that does't also one-shot
(and can be bypassed via firing macros anyway), so ... sure, why not have an option to turn semi into full-auto.

Not least, now that there's not really a reason to charge up Staticor anymore,
I certainly wouldn't mind saving my fingers and mouse some damage 😛

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Personally I think that, should any weapon reach a sufficient fire-rate, it should convert to full-auto. There are plenty of weapons that are genuinely uncomfortable to use effectively (Knell and Dual Toxocyst are great examples of this) and are capable of doing physical harm due to how high the fire-rate of these weapons are, and as such how quickly one has to press the button to shoot to use these weapons effectively. There's a reason why Valve FPS games have very few true semi-auto weapons, with the ones that do exist being of relatively slow fire-rate (I think the highest RoF semi-auto weapon across all of their games would be either the Pistol in HL2 or the Dual Berretas in CS:GO, but someone may have to correct me there) and that's done deliberatly for this very reason. The pistol in TF2 used to be semi-auto (and anyone who's played TF2 can attest to how high the fire-rate on that is) until Valve made it full auto, due to the only way to both effectively and comfortably fire the weapon was via the use of external macros or other tricks. Which now that I think about it, sounds suspiciously like some of the work arounds people have made for weapons in Warframe.

My belief is that no weapon should ever require the use of macros or bind tricks (such as the scroll wheel trick) in order to make a weapon physically comfortable to use. One would think that if a weapon causes physical discomfort in the first place that that should be a red flag to developers. But that's just me.

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I suppose some gaming mouse support turbo function which is basically rapid flashing of signal to simulate rapid fire.

Again this can has issues since a lot of the semi auto weapons also come with high recoil.

You can mod a Latron to mouse wheel fire about Karak's cyclic rate, but
the insane amount of recoil would mean you will be limiting the rapid fire to short bursts or 
they almost going to miss everything after the first 3 shots.

Then again, a lot of time semi auto is justified with higher base damage solely because they are semi auto
and are supposed to have slower fire rate.

It would be good to have "full auto conversion mods" that is dual stats fire rate mod

when increasing the fire rate it also converts a weapon into full auto.

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1 hour ago, NinjaZeku said:

Maybe, but I'd say that's skirting band aid Mod territory, so ... urgh.

I suppose a lot of semi auto weapons won't really make you click very fast with default fire rate.

Usually we add fire rate mods to the weapons which could increase the fire rate until it is a chore to keep clicking.

So something like "+60% Fire Rate, convert to full auto" mod would be more suitable for building a semi auto weapon for rapid fire.

Then again, a Latron Wraith strapped with a full auto mod would most likely be overpowering Stradavar on full auto.

And the issues of selective fire weapon being converted to full auto meaning the Stradavar's high crit semi auto is definitely going to be used
exclusively without ever flipping to full auto.

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1 minute ago, DarcnyssWolfe said:

Will add, semi's are hard capped at 10 rof last i checked, so theres that, maybe hitting hard cap would force full auto?

That seems like a great idea.

The fire rate of 10 is 600 rounds/minute
which with mouse wheel firing it can still go pretty fast.

Though it would be humanly impossible to click that rapidly without serious risk of injuring your finger.

This is 600 rounds/minute


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10 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

That's kind of my point, if we can use "exploits" like this anyway, why not make it a proper feature?

I believe having an autofire feature for bows would probably take a lot of their fun away.

That would also create an even greater power disparity between them and crossbows which are already pretty underwhelming as they are right now.

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17 minutes ago, Tricky5hift said:

I believe having an autofire feature for bows would probably take a lot of their fun away.

For the record, I still think this wouldn't work well for Bows at all, mechanically.

The way I see it, the Bow would shoot as soon as it's fully charged, and then start to charge
the next shot right away, so you get a weak shot if you don't release the button at the perfect time.

Or, you'd need to add an Opticor-like "deadzone" where you need to charge X% or you don't shoot at all.
Which would then ruin the fast shot capabilities for e.g. quickly finishing off near-death enemies, and whatnot.

Really, I was thinking more about weapons you mostly want to rapid-fire anyway,
e.g. Akbolto Prime - or actually, the entire Bolto family - is kind of very very silly for being semi-auto.

And then there's Staticor, which now has pretty much exactly the same problem that Stug had,
the charge mechanic is largely useless and rapid-fire spamming is da wae the way to go.
Except with Stug, DE added the choice between charging or full-auto.
Staticor following suit would seem reasonable enough to me.

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