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A letter addressed to: Ship Cephalon Ordis.


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Dear Ordis. I'm so happy that you're still holding up so well, even after all our adventures together so far. How do you keep tolerating me? Even after all the things you've been through, you still remain loyal.

Ordis... I'm so sorry about the day you were left behind... though, in truth... I have no memory of what happened or why. The only reason I know at all is because you told me that I abandoned you. How horrifying! The current me could never even think of doing that! You're too dear a friend to me! It makes me wonder what we were like back then... Were we friends? Did I ever appreciate any of the things you did? Because I do appreciate everything that you do, Ordis.

Thank you for all the things you've build. Thank you for keeping the ship clean and for taking care of the sentinels and pets. And thank you for keeping everything organized! It's a huge help when I'm looking for Mods, Relics, Weapons and Warframes.

Oh! I love the personal quarters! It's so cool! Don't get mad, but you didn't have to throw your own stuff away just to make room for me... I don't mind sharing space. Besides, it would have been neat to see what things you had.

So... let me make it up to you! If there's anything you see that you want... let me get it for you. You can consider it... a more than deserved birthday gift. (Do cephalons even celebrate birthdays? Or... "day of becoming cephalon"?).

You're the best cephalon out there. The others... Simaris, Suda, Zark and Jordan are all second rate! (Though, try not to let that go to your head. And most certainly don't tell them either!)

Not sure where you get your humor from, but it's great! I love your jokes and puns. They always cheer me up and make me smile ^-^ What makes you happy?

Recently... you seem sad... you keep asking if there's anything about you in the inbox messages. You even talk about longing for a message specifically addressed to you.

Well... that's one reason why I'm writing this. Hopefully it'll cheer you up a little =) If you're happy, then I'm happy ^u^

Plus, I like hearing your excited voice. Your normal voice too, as a matter of fact. Even when you glitch!
(It's... actually kinda funny when you do ^-^) It makes you seem more - human. (That's a compliment!).

Only once have you scared me... but technically it was in a nightmare induced by the Grineer queens, so that doesn't count. And even in the nightmare you were trying to stop yourself from purging me. Guess you're just that kind-hearted, huh, friend?

In one of our most recent adventures, however, I was very worried about you. Worried that you had been replaced by that... "upgrade"... you'll not believe how relived I was once you rebooted back to your good old self!

Speaking of upgrades... remember when Cephalon Simaris offered to make you a steward of his Sancturary and restore your memories? On one hand I was exited for you, and would have been happy for you. But on the other hand, I would been sad to see you go... still, I'm grateful for how things turned out ^-^

Hopefully we'll continue to have many great adventures. With or without Lotus. Whatever the future holds, let's face it together!

Sincerely - the Operator.

(P.S! The me that you see will not remember writing this letter.
But this unseen side hopes you'll be feeling much better =) )



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