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Day of the Dead 2018!


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Day of the Dead rises from the grave! From October 17 to November 1, give your Weapons, Warframe and Landing Craft a dose of the macabre.

Deadly Skins Return - Now Until November 1!
All of the previous Day of the Dead bundles are back for a limited time.Get them until November 1!

Halloween Customization and Colour Picker - Now Until November 1!
Plus, get in the Halloween spirit by finding the Dullahan Mask and Halloween Color Picker in the Market for only 1 Credit until November 1!

Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert - October 19 to November 1!
That’s not all! This year there’s a special Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert that comes with unique rewards. Complete both stages of the Alert and receive the Day of the Dead Sigil and a brand new skin for one of the Stalker’s weapons of choice, the Dread bow! The Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert will only be available from October 19 at 2 p.m. ET until November 1 at 2 p.m.  ET, so act quickly Tenno!

Put your seasonal spirit on full display with Day of the Dead Customizations today!

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27 minutes ago, (XB1)RDeschain82 said:

I can see a pic of the AkVasto DoD skin in the advertisement pic just like last year.  Are we actually getting AkVasto DoD skin this year? Because last year it was advertised the same way, but it was only for Vasto.

There is one.

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