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Halloween Skins


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Any else tired of the day of the dead stuff? The only 2 things out of all the Day of the dead stuff I enjoyed was the Shoulder wing pieces, and the Sigil ( which I still need to get ). Honestly for a game that puts the extra elbow grease in most aspect in terms of skins, and detail. The day of the dead just seems to be a tad bit disappointing granted I am grateful non the less. I just feel like the design team could really let their halloween gore side show a tad bit more. Anyone else have ideas for that cause besides family tired of the Candy skulls etc...it gets old after a long while?

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21 minutes ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:

Day of the Dead isn't about gore though...

That isn't the point I said I am tired of the Day of the Dead stuff, and want them to embrace more Gore for their halloween looks, or at least bring something interesting. I know full well what DotD is. Just tired of seeing all the other games bringing out epic stuff, and then warframe is like.....meh

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