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Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

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Is there a possibility to add UI changes to help the player:

- On arsenal page and/or in the squad box on top the name of the selected (A-B-C) option so we can see clearly what we will use


- Load all star into all ayatan scupltures, after the 100th it is not fun to always rotate and click (even now, when you can get a lot a day)

- Rearrange the item configs or set default option - this way if I change weapons I don't need to set which config I want

- Rearrange the loadouts - with time new loadouts come in old go out of favorite, this way I could put my favs on top

- A status page to see all current bufs like credit booster, foundry ready items... To wait for it come up is boring

- A status page to missions where I can see all bufs, negs to see what those icons mean and who put it on me (with a one key push like with tab)

- Copy configuration - anywhere where we have config A-C, it would be very helpful to copy one config to other if I want to play with a bit, but want the same mostly

- Rearange the items on the infinite gearwheel


Additional content:

- More prime sentinels



- Meele weapons should show a real attack speed, not a spead compared to the animation. How long an animation for that weapon? This way I can't really compare two weapons.

- Go to dojo if I click on it in navigation, if I want the clan page then I can go to the clan from communication

- Search in My Profile

- Filter in my profile to not finished / finished



- Mods don't appear in search if they are installed in a Config A and I want add those to Config B

- After using forma Paracesis dmg to sentient % not updateing only, if I reopen it

- Always disconnecting from the chat server, can you add an automatic check and reconnect?

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Can we get the Ayatan sculptures list accessed from the mod station adjusted so that when we change the filter to "filled" the unfilled ayatans are at the top rather than being at the bottom of the screen. With all the sculptures being given out in Arbitrations, not having this makes for a lot of scrolling every time you want to fill the sculptures. Or failing that an auto-fill function button?

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Time for a few questions:


Is there any news about the hinted at Nyx rework? Related to this: What is the current status of the Nyx Deluxe skin shown a few devstreams back?

Is there any chance for further syndicate themed equipment at some point in the future between now and eternity? Syndicate Sentinels could be nice.

In the interest of Fashionframe could the standing gain of syndicates be decoupled from their sigils?

Will the Arbiters of Hexis ever get an actual quest or will they once again return to limbo?

Could we perhaps see some alternate skins for shotguns? It would be really nice if we could turn the Arca Plasmor into something less aesthetically challenged.

What happened to the Clan kingpin system? It seemed reasonably far along before it was never mentioned again.


Thank You

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Hi there can we... use the K-Drives in dojos? >_>

It was brought up earlier to use them on the obstacle course but why not just let us grind everything in sight. Let us tear up those indoor cities people are building in their dojos, tag the place up. Implement dojo rules that when broken incur a wanted level that allows dojo cops to hunt you down and you have to fight back with spray paint.

Also maybe figure a way to allow dojos to have customizable open world areas/super huge tiles, like a virtual Plains of Eidolon we can place decorations on and turn into an outdoor skate park to compliment the indoor skate park.

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Any News:

Pets 2.0

Kingpin system

New bounties PoE

Will Helminth chair have any mechanic or quest linked to it

Steve said Ayatan sculptures were Orokin memories. Further explanation.

Flying Eidolon

Will Iron wake ever be used again for anything

Will other Syndicates get bases like Iron wake. 

Clarity on:

Will using K-drive on the PoE give standing towards Vent Kids

Will there be K-drive races on the PoE

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Can we have an information about Operator stats (HP, Armor, Energy, etc.) displayed on their customization screen? Pretty annoying to guessing it in blind.

Also is it possible to add a placement sliders for Operator earrings? They always floating near ears and it looks weird.

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Might be a bit of a crazy zinger, but, I simply HAVE to ask. . . are you planning on expanding the warframe-franchise to include other forms of game? Or will it all be tucked under Warframe's singular roof?

More importantly, do you have any plans to diversify out into any other new games, or, was your most recent experiment a confirmation that Warframe is your ultimate pillar?

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Can we make Garuda Valkyr's sister please?

Garuda, searching for Valkyr when she was taken by Alad V. Her search caused her to become cold and Valkyr's return in a ravaged state caused her to become rutheless. She now hunts down all Corpus as an onslaught for what they did to Valkyr.

Oh well, haha.  I think it's a nice idea.

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can you please remove the MR lock for the vay heck assassination (mission Oro on Earth) since it's the only mission in the starchart with a mastery requirement and the only boss in the early game which grants neurodes. There is a loading screen tip thats says: if you need a rare ressource defeat the boss on it's planet. And there is a lot of stuff which needs neurodes in early game (Furis [needs 4!]; some cosmetics; each Forma; ... ) before reaching Eris, Lua or even the Orokin Derelict. I know this mission is a little bit higher than the other ones on that planet but please remove the MR requirement, i'm pretty sure it's just a small process for you, even if you just remove it for solo/friends only matchmaking. Thanks

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