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Can we PLEASE get in our Loadout UI a way to bind to each loadout a primary focus school? If we cannot get focus school selection in the arsenal loadout screens, please tell us the reasons why you won't add that feature.


Have asked this a million times it seems, twitter, etc. Doubt I'm the only one interested in this being added. 

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Would it be possible to get just ballasx voice lines for the primes, since the trailers can be such a work drain(or whatever the phrase is). Maybe they could stored in a prime vetruvian(the thing from the sacrifice).

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what is the current consensus on what makes good end game content to DE? what makes a good reward?


What are the plans for archwing and other bygone modes? We barely get new weapons for it or changes, even though it is now among the oldest of releases on warframe.


Any Nyx plans to make her fun?

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Dojo questions: 
Decorating the Dojo is like my own little endgame, the reason I'm farming for, so I have several questions concerning those: 
1°) Can we hope / ask for a button on a room console to fund every decoration present in the room? When you're on big projects, funding everything can take an absurd amount of time. 
2°) Light clippings are better since Chimera update, but still present when one builds something, like interior. Areas get lit or in darkness depending on your point of view, some places are in the dark when they shouldn't, etc... Any hope this might get a look at?
3°) Since the introduction of the gorgeous, big-asss and much needed giant halls, some of us with already big structures like the one in the picture can become tricky to connect to existing corridors. Would it be possible to place doors manually on connectors to fit those needs, or to have new connectors with doors on their sides?
4°) Any hope the 100-something cap with the number of rooms is removed someday? Or that we could fuse a few corridors as one unique room? The fact that the tiny straight hallway counts as much as a custom parkour room in this cap is a little meh. 
5°) Can we hope to get aquariums as gardens pretty please? And place the fishes we catch in those rooms?
6°) Once there was a few words about NPC's we could place in the dojo? Any news on that front?
7°) Whenever we try to decorate around the doors, we can't place decorations, or it becomes very tricky. I understand the need for a safety net around the room console, but it would be nice if this "nonplacement" zone would be smaller, and that it would not concern doors. Hiding a door leading nowhere is pretty annoying tbh. 
8°) Placing decorations while inside a room can be pretty much impossible if you want to be symetrical, or place things that redefine how the walls look like. It's possible, but you have to glitch outside the rooms to do it. Could it be possible to have the option to change the anchor point of an asset from which we manipulate it?

(If needed, examples and pictures can be shown for questions 2-3, 7 & 😎

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5 hours ago, NoLazyShadow said:

I dont want to admit it, but yea, Most of the people dont see problems in her. It's like tell people that "Chroma dont need rework. He is unkillable and can oneshot Edolons". Yes, he can do that, but he needs rework. Same stuff with Valk. Maybe with melee 3.0(If she didn't receive any changes) people will start looking at her

while i do see chroma getting looked at at somepoint,  i dont see it happening to valkyr.

maybe your right, maybe im right.  we wont truly know until melee 3.0

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This is probably already asked a lot, but could we get more appearance loadout tabs for fashion framing. I've held onto standard frames even after getting their primes because I didn't want to lose the cosmetics I already had spent time (more than I'd like to admit) making. Thanks DE!

For the record, I have 8 for Saryn and counting. 

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Can we have the ignore list also be a list of people matchmaking will not pair you with? I typically put people on there who leach hard, or seem to bot (I reported that person). The community on the whole is great, and I would rather spend more time in game with the great ones!

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My only question is: Titania rework, when? And when are you going to look at titania's bug in PoE where she gets shot by those homing missiles that one-shot warframes?


Other than that, I can only say I am proud to be a member of warframe and you guys (DE) are the best!

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-Hug Emote?

-Will Dojo ever get Legacy Tileset?

-Will you ever increase the Dojo Room cap? which is currently 100 rooms

-will the next set of dojo decorations be infested themed?

-will we ever get real light projecting decorations in the dojo?

-dojo Grineer Sealab decorations?

-What ever happened to a couple of Warframes Energy effects, such as Valkyr's Hysteria missing her energy trails ever since the Sacrifice Update?

-Nyx Rework?

-Why did Pablo declined to make a wukong rework?

-is there ever a possibility to Favorite mods we use as to stop having to search for them through all the mods we have?

-Is there a possibility to Downrank mods level that we already unlocked?

-you told us that Pet rework would be shipped in parts, what happened to that?

-Will Baro ever bring new Prime dual pistol relics just like the aklex prime? for example, Akvasto Prime?

-any planned Riven Disposition rebalance?

-will exalted melee ever get the missing 10 capacity we usually get from stance? like Valkyr's talons

-3 or 4 years ago, when you were announcing us the Nef Anyo rework, we haven't heard anything from it ever since, are you perhaps planning on making nef anyo for a railjack assassination mission?

-What happened to Derf Anyo that you Revealed back on Devstream 30?


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