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Can we talk about Helminth? 

The infested are an amazing and important part of warframe lore and the biggest bombshell you dropped on us was the infested room, and it feels like a waste having it only be to fix a lump you added to frames because of it...

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  1. Will riven rework crash the market or will we finally get that "every weapon is a constant [x] disposition" and weapon rebalancing goes back to reworking base stats
  2. Will augment mods get their own slot (Just 1 is enough)? Some older augments like rhino's Iron Shrapnel is used to make the ability "make shift" refreshable, this should have been innately recastable instead like most abilities Pablo reworks. And some augments are analytically flawed, like partitioned mallet being 2x mallets at 50% range each. The actual description should be 2 mallets at 1/4 area each. You may possibly get that 2x damage on overlapping regions, but check your data on how well-received ember rework turned out!
  3. Did you know the Arbitrations +300% bonuses don't work? And even if fixed, the fact you added these poorly implemented shield drones with broken hit boxes encourages every player to play tanks (Since Crowd Control is useless on the red aura and supports can't be revived once dead) while the broken hit box drones hide behind hordes are best killed by Ignis/Arca Plasmor skews preference to playing tanks and AoE weapons. Please address this artificially induced meta shift.
  4. Endo and empty Statues kinda suck for the target audience of arbitrations, especially when there's a long lasting Amber star drought happening! Veterans want cosmetics, exclusive AND useful mods (Adaptation was the only thing that came of this new mode) as endo is just too ironic that you use endo to get stronger (up to a point) to play this mode just to make more endo (counter productive). Maybe Kuva, rivens and cosmetics would make better rewards?
  5. Arbitration mission types {Defense, Survival, Interception} are bugged. The spawn limit appears to be half the expected number, the stupid drones stop spawning half way in (thanks though, those drones are poorly implemented anyways), and their respective types have certain issues and disadvantages. ie, Survival is impossible as there's not enough life support spawns and the aforementioned enemies not spawning. Enemies spawning unalerted and shooting at dead ally corpses preventing them from navigating map. Enemies spawning from a single point rather than multiple entrances. Defense Target cannot be revived? The discrepancy on how frequent you clear rotations on the various mission type (ordered longest to shortest time required Defense, Survival, Interception).
  6. Chroma rework when? I hate playing chroma as I'm a rhino main (tank competitors), and even I'm sympathizing with my competitor with the atrocity DE left chroma in. That 1 trick pony had its only trick taken away. He still one shots eidolons, you simply made it more expensive (platinum wise) to do so. Please, fix that frame before making more.
  7. Vigorous swap is kinda weak; 3 seconds are too short considering you made it +damage rather than +bonus damage. Are you aware these are not equivalent things? The opportunity cost of time lost switching weapons with damage gained is neutralized for endgame weapons (the target audience who receive these mods are veterans with endgame weapons) AND you gave up a warframe mod slot for this too.
  8. Cautious shot doesn't effectively work, it's flawed by design! Many reviews of the mod clearly states 10% of self damage, even 3% is able to kill yourself, and it question whether or not DE staff understands their own game. Are there plans to rework conceptually flawed mods?
  9. Nerf or buff? What direction are we going for? When something is too strong, nerf it? when it's too weak, buff it? This cycle will continue until all weapons converges to "there is only 1 weapon in this game" they're all the same thing performance wise! I'm getting disinterested in this game because what progression I feel now will be invalidated every rebalancing update.
  10. Will new content continue this pattern of invalidating previous progression? I never liked how new content invalidates everything we had prior. Example, new exclusive resources, new conditions for progression, new progression gates. The nitain memes, the cetus wisps, the amps + eidolons, they all invalidate our commitment to the game. Every "veteran" of your game was thinking, when prior to launch, that once eidolons come out they'll be beating the bullet sponges to demonstrate their progression as a dedicated player. Instead, you made amps a progression gate (can't do eidolons without amps, can't join parties without a good amp and etc), so veterans and new players were all equal footing in progression (all zeroes instead of veteran heroes) at launch. I strongly disliked how bugged the eidolon hunts are, and how flawed the artistic day night cycle was integrated with the functional gameplay aspect since you don't get the solid raid time of 45 minutes if you came late (no other games have this, they simply create a virtual instance with a separate time limit)!
  11. If my advice matters, we have yet to see veteran tier bullet sponge boss fights! Other games have this so players can demonstrate their progression as a player using timed runs. All we have are gated weak points like Sargus Ruk 1 shot limbs, Vay Hek 1 shot face, Krel 1 shot backpack, Jackal 1 shot legs, Vor, Kela and Tyl's health gates, Salad V zenuka gate, and Mutalest Salad V's timed collar gates. I will admit Hyena Pack, Ambulas, and Raptors bring individualized health gates and are slightly better at making bullet sponges but their health pools are still too small to be veteran tier. I'm hoping for something like a 50 million EHP bullet sponge (juggernaught resembles this most) where the mini boss is actually tough to kill but possible, though not easy at level 100+. What is missing in the game is a bullet sponge boss with high damage dealing abilities for end game content. Will we ever get this? It seems DE is reluctant to have bullet sponges because they lack complexity, but we literally don't have this yet! I guess I'll explain this in more detail on a separate thread as it ties in with why Eidolon fights are flawed in my eyes.
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  1. Many infested tilesets use the current corpus tiles as a base. With the future Venus, gas-city update and the refreshed corupus tiles that comes with it, should we expect the infested tiles to be updated down the road as well?
  2. If I am in the mood, I actuactlly enjoy the Conclave but finding a group takes much too long and sometimes it's just one other person which is not very exciting and for Lunaro, it can make the daily challenges impossible: catch 6 passes from a teammate, but you have no teammate !
    1. Is there any chance DE could make Teshin's mods and offerings cheaper in order to lower the barrier to entry for new players?
    2. Would DE consider adding events, just like plague star or the ghoul invasion, where special rewards are available: fashion, landing craft decor, guild hall statues, etc.? I think the biggest issue is people are assuming it's bad and not giving it a shot and not having an incentive to try - that's what happened with me and what too me so long to get into it.The glowing shoulder ribbons from Lunaro would attract some people to play I bet.
  3. I've been having a ton of fun recently with weapon augment mods, especially the ones from the Index and Kela de Thaym, I hope to see more, would DE consider adding more weapon augments?
  4. Not too long ago you asked for Nyx Suggestions from this Community, have there been any suggestions DE has liked and is considering?
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A lot of people are unhappy with the current rewards from the sorties (as far as I heard and seen), some people are just disappointed when they get Ayatan Sculptures instead of the 4000 Endo or a Riven Mod and since we're getting a lot of Ayatan Sculptures from the Arbitrations, we really need something different, Something more rewarding. What I would like to know, will we get some Sortie Rewards Changes or a whole Sortie Rework?

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any news on Umbral forma? also, the default control scheme for controllers on PC is currently broken, channeling is defaulting to left on the dpad, which is not working.


not the biggest issue, but something that would probably need to be fixed before 3.0

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3 hours ago, -QUILL_PETER- said:

For the thousandth time, Kavats are immune to the Infestation.

Immune to the normal way of contracting infestation yes, Genetics can be tempered with and altered in this sci-fi game. So if we can genetically alter it in the breeding stage it can end up being an infested kavat. Albeit it would go against normal lore for them to be immune naturally.

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37 minutes ago, Purpledrank970 said:

Couple questions:

-I heard that when melee 3.0 drops, we will no longer be able to channel weapons. That being said, will that mean you will no longer be able to deflect ranged attacks and what will happen to mods that effect channeling efficiency and damage? 

-Is there a plan to add more content that will drop riven mods or will sorties remain as the only way to acquire them?

Last I heard about channeling with Melee 3.0 was that its going to be a mode you turn on and off that wont take energy to use. I think it was mentioned in either Devstream 115 or 116

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Any chance that we will have terrible mods such as single element resistance mods reworked into Set mods? or More Significant in damage protection. No-one uses fire protection or toxic protection because it isn't worth it compared to armor, or adapation. I know that there is going to be some progression, but there should be some form of broadness, to counter a form of prioritization.

Mods needs to be reworked or revamped in such a way that all mods or most become viable depending on the situation.

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For our wonderful Chimera reward, any chance it’s gonna get the Dual Dark Sword treatment? Would love to use it with the upcoming long katana stance if st all possible!

Any update on Nyx Deluxe?

preview soon of “Wisp”?

Thanks for all you do!!!

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I wanna start saying i love this game u guys make this game great keep the good work DE because this game rocks! 

I have some thoughts and doubts:

-When u guys gonna increase the Riven mod capacity above 90? Its a real deal because as me there is a lot of players who wants to collect rivens for each type of weapon available in game and we simply cant do it because the riven max capacity its just 90.

-When Kavats/Kubrows will can get the loot for u as the sentinels do?

-Can u guys tell us more or less when the Melee 3.0 will arrive? 

-The Big Katana that was supposed to appears in game in the time Revenant was launched will be in game when? 

-Can u guys do rework on:
--->1 and 4 skill from Chroma ( no one actually use it in the moment),
--->Wukong 1 and 3 skill ( same problem as 1 and 3 skills from Chroma), 
--->Do a real rework for Vauban because in the moment we only use his 3 skill and the 1,2,4 skills are simply ignored because they dont do much in the gameplay
--->Can change a little Zephyr  2 and 4 skill? Because in the moment i feel like this skills are not doing much for the team as damage for survival missions ( 2 skill of Zephy almost no one use it because simply dont do any damage against even low level enemies)
--->Can make the skills of Warframes like Frost for example scales with the high level enemies? Because in the moment warframes like Mesa or Octavia scales very well against high level enemies and warframes like Frost or Ember are struggling a lot to do any damage against they ( enemies above 70 level ) 

-Each syndicate will have their on special missions(ex: Something like Elite missions for each)? 

-Who will be the next prime Warframe coming? 

-Can be decreased the amount of hours we have to wait to CRAFT any Warframe or weapon? Because in fact 3 days to craft a new character its a make no sense for me.

-Can Elite Alerts receive new prizes for staying long periods in there? Like new skins for sindicate weapons or even new versions of weapons from each sindicate ( not the actual weapons available in each sindicate) for example: a new weapon like Twin Grakatas prisma for Steel Meridian missions or something like that.

-Can u guys add some new planets?

I love this game and i think this is one of the best games i ever played online like action/sci fi.  :D
Thanks again for this great game keep the great work DE team!!!

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-melee sound need a work,sometimes i feel like my melee weapon doesn't even touch the enemy...unlike the old one we feel every stroke better especially with slash weapon
-ping is not stable since the las update ,my average was 100 ping but now its over 260 and not even stable even with 100 ping there is lag.

-i like nezah delux skin but what you did to his 3rd (halo build) was bad....i like the old one it was very useful in "Defection mission".

ty DE for your hard work ..(chimera prologue was nice)...and im waiting for the day to kick "space mum beautiful ass" in "tau system".........XDD.

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