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Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

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3 hours ago, Lored said:

Boss reworks:

  • The Sergeant;
  • Hyena Pack;
  • Phorid;
  • Zanuka Hunter.


The Sergeant needs a rework badly. I don't even consider him a "boss" more like a elite 2.0 crewman. there is no challenge at all honestly, a low lv hek can one shot him and for the 4th boss hes just too easy. (Brainstorming ideas)

phorid is kinda the same unless your srounded by infested then hes a bit tricky to fight.

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A bit concerning Melee 3.0 isn't listed as a topic in the OP. Considering it was stated last stream that it would be a focus in the next stream, it would be disappointing to get another "we'll talk about it next time". Obviously, people have already stated their concerns about the lack of information for Melee 3.0 and many unanswered questions regarding viability and how it will compare to the current melee meta. One way to address these concerns is to show a lot of different types of weapons that are fully modded. That last part is important since the previous showcases (i.e. the Jat Kittag, Venka etc.) showed the damage to be lacking even at lower levels. Obviously, the intent was to show functionality over viability, but since that was months ago I feel now is the time to show what Melee 3.0 can do in terms of damage. I would also like to get some sort of ball-park release date since it's been Soon™ for a while now and if I recall correctly, it's supposed to ship this fall.

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First off, I want to say that the mainline was pretty great, and that I'm noticing TONS of little improvements here and there that your team hammered out.  All of this is massively appreciated, as much as all of the big stuff you did in the new update.  Here's looking forward to Fortuna, Railjack, and The New War.

  • Gear and Feature Questions
    • What's the word on dual wielding melee and secondary weapons (other than glaives)?
      • Will there be any benefit beyond the cosmetic? (if not, that's cool....I just want to go full on "40k Inquisitor" with my Limbo)
    • Can we please get a high cc/cd headshot-focused silenced pistol for our stealth frames?  I really want that Metal Gear Mk. 23 pistol feel.
    • Will we be getting a new mission handler instead of Orchid any time soon?  Perhaps we could earn new mission handlers through syndicates (Simaris, the six factions, Onkko, Konzu, Nakak, etc) or quests (Maro, the Myconians, Alad V), or even purchase some with credits (like Darvo, Clem, etc), plat (Vay Hek, Alad V, etc) or ducats (Baro or Ballas).  Orchid is just a reminder of abandonment and betrayal at this point, and Ordis taking on mission handler roles directly would be much preferred.
      • This would be lore-friendly, as it was implied that Lotus could only control all Tenno ops by virtue of being a Sentient and plugged into her throne.  By distributing the organizational duties to multiple handlers, it becomes believable that one of these individuals would be able to give your cell mission updates.
      • Another alternative: Just have our operators talk to each other during missions, giving each other updates organically.  This way we can show off our operators to each other more, Ordis can chime into all of us occasionally, and we can be rid of the sad ghost that is Orchid.
    • Beyond Garuda, what new frames will we see by year's end?  Any chance for a sniper-frame?
    • Mesa Prime is totally coming with Dethcube Prime, isn't she?  That's going to be amazing if yes.....mainly due to Deth Machine Rifle Prime.
      • How are modern faction sentinels even technically "Prime-able?"  Was Dethcube originally a Grineer construction aid or something?  Maybe it held laser levels or the like instead of a machine gun 😛
    • Can "Cautious Shot" be expanded to weapons other than just "rifles?"  As it is, it's pretty useless as it can't go on shotguns or any secondary.
    • "Target Acquired" would theoretically pair well with "Sharpshooter," but its mere 60% bonus makes it too weak when compared to other potential loadout options...especially given how few "real" slots we get when you account for "mandatory mods" like Serration and Split Chamber, or effectively mandatory mods like two slots for elementals, two slots for cc/cd.  This may highlight an overall issue with the way modding works in this game as of the present time, as while a theoretical eight options are presented to the player, only two slots (at most) are every really left up to the player as an option.
    • I realize that Warframe is a "hoard shooter" at heart, but the game suffers from poor AI in an age where we have had tactically moving enemies in games for over a decade.  Will we ever see "higher levels" in enemies indicate that enemies are smarter rather than just hurty-er and bullet-spongy?  We're fighting what are supposed to be trained soldiers, but our enemies usually just come running at us headlong, and rarely retreat or show emotions like fear or surrender.  It might even be fun to find the occasional Steel Meridian or Perrin Sequence recruit while out on missions.
    • Will we ever see "Zaw Warframes" of any type?  It was my impression that the Helminth Infirmary was originally intended for this purpose, but we haven't seen any Build-a-Frame action, or use for that room beyond getting inoculations.  Now what we have the Vetruvian, it should be possible within lore...
      • I imagine this might come with the next quest, and that we'll be able to "chimerize" warframes with that Sentient arm, along with other factions' physiologies like super fast Infested legs, strong Grineer arms, a Corpus torso with a proto-shield, etc.
    • Will we ever see "NPC Tenno" (like Rell) or frames that are only meant for non-player NPC Tenno because, despite having a valuable function suitable to a Tenno, it would make for poor gameplay (like Harrow before we built our own versions of him, while he acted as an SCP-style containment chamber for the Man in the Wall and Rell)?
      • Considering the absence of the Lotus, it would make sense for some Tenno to rise up as leaders amongst their own ranks, and perhaps even a stronger affiliation between the Tenno as a "nation" or a fracturing as multiple allied "nations," similarly to clans and alliances (geopolitically and sociologically speaking, the next logical step for a people's development)
      • As for non-gameplay friendly warframes, various spy, recon, support, communications, command and control, explorer (we hear about "Tenno explorers" in the Sentinels codex entry), or diplomatic warframes would make sense in this universe, and could be incorporated for flavor, mission (Survival's "Tenno operative," presumed to be NPCing an old "Raid" mission simultaneously), or plot reasons.
    • Please don't nerf the Staticor back down....it actually feels useful (but not OP) now, and I've been using it a lot just because it's suddenly a fun "Dragon Ball Z" weapon....even though it has a low fire rate, can't cause slash damage, etc....but it leads to some interesting Goku cosplay ideas for fashion frame.....or Valkyr Prime as Vegita, as she has the spiky hair.....hmmm
    • We need Tenno Mecha.  Tenno giant robots that we can call down.  Bonus points for a "MechWarrior" style mission mode, or for letting us call in Titanfalls like we're Power Rangers
      • Thanks to Power Rangers and anime, space ninjas and giant mecha are kind of inseparable tropes.....I can't believe we haven't gotten to fight Eidolons as Voltron yet....my mini-Evangellion needs a giant mecha so that my operator piloting his warframe can pilot a giant robot to smack a Sentient in the face with equal scale.
      • Yes, bonus points for Gurren Lagann "MANLY COMBINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with a "DRILL THAT SHALL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!"
        • Or Voltron/Megazord style combining, either or.....you could divide up controls by driver, each arm's weapon system, and a head/back mounted weapon system.  Boom....you've just built a Warhammer 40k Titan's control scheme with Megazord aesthetic to fit Warframe.
          • Tenno "Titans" standing over 450ft tall as mission centerpieces would also be amazing, but less fun to control....NPC controlled would be a possibility.....like a hijack and assault mission mixed together.....but now I'm getting off topic and getting into "fan concepts."
            • tl;dr: Tenno Mecha would rock. 
    • I've noticed that most new frames have been getting more and more "horror" oriented since Harrow came out.  Is this just a phase, or will Warframe continue to become "Edgeframe?"  I'm not even mad....Tenno are horrifying, and I'd rather be in a room fighting a company sized force of Grineer than one single Tenno.  It's just....we're still lacking certain archetypes for frames that many players might identify with.  We have a "pistolero/gunfighter frame" and two "melee frames" but no "rifleman frame."  We have a "thief frame" and a "ninja frame," but no "sniper frame, "assassin frame," or "infiltrator frame."  We have two (or three if you count Limbo, four if Korra is included) "fortress frames," but no "battleline / trench frame" or "artillery frame" to back them up.  We have our beloved "Egyptian frame," and "Viking berserker frame, but no "Roman legionnaire frame" (nor a Gladius or Spatha weapons!), "Spartan frame," or (to show my nationality) "American miniuteman frame."  It just seems like there are lots of themes that we haven't gotten to regarding warrior archetypes before we get to the plethora of horror archetypes.  I'm not complaining at all....I quite enjoy Revenant, Nekros is THE OG LOOT DADDY (aka: "Daddy Nekros" as I've heard him called), and Garuda looks like she has potential....but all of the movement to horror archetypes seems....odd.  Though, if this means we get a "Michael Myers frame" that "MLC's" with daggers, or a machete-specialized "Jason frame," I'll be all aboard the horror-train with no breaks.
      • I still want a sniper frame....named "Carl" or "Carla" (after Carlos Hathcock) though.......that is the dream.....he would rule the plains..... 
  • Lore Questions
    • How many Tenno exist in canon, and if the in-game players reflect how many Tenno there are in canon, then how do all 30 million Tenno experience certain key events the same way (specifically quests)?
      • Lotus mentions only the "first" Tenno were on the Zarihman 10-0.  Is it correct that this implies that many, many more were created after the fact?
      • If there are 33 million super soldiers now in the Solar System, then is it right to assume that they are no longer the underdogs that they once were, as alluded to in the Pyrus Project?
    • Is every Tenno equipped with their own instance of Ordis?  That seems to be alluded to by how Ordis acts on the Railjack.
    • Will Railjacks "build" Solar Rails for allied forces (Orbiters, allied ships, etc) to follow in behind on?  Will it be able to enter "Void Stealth" like the Orbiter and Lander?
      • Will we see some kind of return of solar rail usage with Railjack?
        • Perhaps instead of Tenno fighting over nodes, each clan will manage what Origin System factions (Grineer, Infested, Orokin, Corpus, Syndicates, etc) get to use their Solar Rails to the Tau System, and gain various boons and detriments as a result of who they let through to attack the Sentients.
          • This system could possibly even have global effects, determining how some missions populate in the Tau Ceti System.
    • Why haven't our Tenno operators aged over 5 years?  They should be like 30 years old between the Old War and their time out of the chambers....unless those were just containment chambers and not preservation chambers.....
    • What would happen to a Tenno if their Orbiter were to be destroyed?  A Tenno seems wholly dependent on their personal assets, and we've seen at least one Liset get shot down.
      • Do we just never see our Liset get shot down during failed infiltrations because we haven't engaged Transference yet?  I'm assuming it happens every so often, and Orbiters seem to more provide the infrastructure to deploy warframes, weapons, landers, companions, etc, than to actually "store" them...so losing a lander and a warframe is presumably not that big of a deal...but please correct me if my logic is off here.
    • Is Ordis (and possibly an "Ordis Hive Mind") now controlling all of the star system wide assets that Lotus left behind, or is there a successor to the Lotus out there somewhere?
      • We know she had ships, operatives, spies, scouts, humans of all types, technology of extremely advanced capability, communications gear, etc.....what happened to all of that infrastructure?  Obviously those agents of various sorts didn't get burned, as we're still using them for support in mission planning and execution....so who's controlling it all?
      • What happened to the Throne of the Lotus?  Is it currently Tenno controlled?  It seems like it would be rather valuable from many perspectives.
    • Besides the new Ludoplex, what do Tenno do for fun?  The relays don't really have bars, restaurants, kubrow/kavat parks, or in-universe entertainment that you'd expect of military MWR facilities, so are we to assume they just sit around playing video games on their Ludoplex in their down time?  If so....nice commentary.
    • How does Baro Ki'teer get his inventory?  He only once hires Tenno to help him get his stuff, and that wasn't even for "prisma" items.  Are we to assume that he gets his prisma items through means that even mercenaries like the Tenno won't resort to?
    • Is Konzu aware that he's technically a "warlord," given that his job is to hire mercenaries all day?
    • Does Cetus have any military to speak of?  If so, where are they and what are they equipped with?
    • Codex entries like Mag Prime's hint that Tenno used to be used in pitched battles, ostensibly leading normal troops.  Will we ever see large scale "combined arms combat" in Warframe that reflects this?  We've only really seen spec ops style hit and run attacks by Tenno to this point, but is "Battlefield: Warframe" style combat with vehicles, allies, artillery, air support, mecha, etc, going to find a place with the invasion of the Tau Ceti System? Perhaps a replacement to our lost "Raids/Trials?"
    • What even are "Solar Rails?"  Like...we can build them, but we don't even know what they really are beyond some kind of FTL.
    • Adding on to things we see but know nothing about, what are the entities inside "Tenno Cryopods" as seen in Defense missions and in Dojo Barracks?  Are they non-sentient human vat-cloned bodies, ready to be morphed into any requisite warframe?  Are they prisoners awaiting becoming a warframe?  Are they an infected Dax kept in stasis until needed to mutate?  Are they just normal people we're rescuing?  They obviously aren't operators or warframes....so what are they, and why do they end up in our Dojo Barracks?
    • Is the "Man in the Wall" literally just a "Void reflection" of our own Tenno?  "Man in the Wall sounds like something the autistic Rell may have meant to call the "Man in the Mirror," and the Tenno may be the literal "void demons" or even the daemonhosts to Void entities.  It just seems telling that we always see the Man in the Wall with our own face, and that in the latest quest we couldn't switch to our operator until the end.  Further, it seems that Morgulis' oro may be able to project a "Man in the Wall" Void reflection through the Helmet of the Lotus. 
      • Basically, would it be fair to say that the Void is the Warp before Slaneesh, and we're in "Warhammer 20k" during the Dark Age of Technology?
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I have a few questions in regard to the PS4 version of Warframe.

When can we expect the console mainline update?

Can Mouse and Keyboard functionality be improved, to allow gear and map use specifically?

I love the new UI so far, my only quip is with the cursor system. Would it be possible to add a hybrid selection method in the future, where the cursor disappears if you wish to use the D-pad to select menu items, and have the cursor reappear with analogue use?

Will be tuning from Australia at 5am. Looking forward to the stream.

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Since we got a visual change to one of our relays with The Pyrus Project (and more to come), any plans to make Relays (and Dojos) actually useful outside of a few things (relays only being used for Simulacrum and Simaris and Dojos mainly for trade and crafting items)?

*obligatory when is end game happening question*

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Pablo revisiting Titania when? Also: Nyx, Wukong, and Vauban are all in dire need of some developer love. Some would say Chroma as well (his kit is admittedly pretty limited/terrible). Given the success of Pablo's Nezha revisit (literally elevated from zero to HERO), can we expect a similar degree of commitment/forethought for our other dilapidated Warframes?

Sorry, other hardworking DE developers, but Pablo is kinda the Underdogs' Champion right now. If the community can trust anyone to properly rework ailing Warframes, it's gotta be Pablo.

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Will there eventually be a system that lets us do something with our excess focus after we complete focus? I'm very happy that it's not as grindy as it used to be and is actually completable now, but I'd love to be able to do something with excess focus after we complete our focus trees. 😁



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With Nyx, Titania, Wukong and even Vauban in the minds of DE for a rework, could you also please squeeze in Ember changes as well?

I've posted here in the forum [link] and in the reddit [link] that although the discussion is small I hope is enough to make it seem like more changes for Ember would be great. A full rework I understand is too much but maybe a few tweaks here and there, please.

Also, so jazzed with this Arbitration update. And that got me wondering that would the Arbiters of Hexis allow other syndicate cosmetics to be part of the Arbitration reward pool?


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Melee 3.0 guys.

Fortuna looks like a huge waste of my time anyway unless there is gonna be a Cycron magazine for the kitgun. 

I just wanna know what's gonna happen to my collection of primed swords. That is more interesting and applicable to the whole game.

That is all.

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5 hours ago, JaycemeSwain said:

Any chance for player Housing in the hubs for the open world areas? My concept I drew up for it does need work, but basically player housing could be the midway point between the orbiter and the clan dojo, with having its own set of decor unique to it.

Hey, I really like this idea!

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Any chance of a double mace/hammer weapon? I'm talking like melon hammers, not ridiculously massive hammers from Dark Souls or anything like that.

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