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Long term bug I've had for ages


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Hey, I've posted about this ages and ages ago, and I've now sent two support tickets to DE (for any DE members looking here, my support tickets are #1374925 and #1430443) 

I'm posting here again to see if anyone else is struggling with this and can help. 

Problem (it's a two parter) 

1 - Textures and icons incorrectly load or don't load at all. Sometimes I'll load into the game and my frames textures will be extremely low resolution and all the icons in most menus will show nothing. 

2 - missions and other places that you need to load into will sometimes get stuck infinitely in the loading screen and will require a forced alt-f4. 


Computer specs: 1080ti water cooled, i7 8700k @4.8gz, 16gb 3200mzh ram, (warframe running on:) M.2 1tb SSD.





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I've had this for a while too, same conditions lead to it and everything. I alt+tab and I come back to it to find textures either missing, loaded in really low resolution, infinite load screens, and sometimes big blurry planes in the world as if there were just a pane of fogged glass there. Always have to force close the game to fix it.

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