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Add to the arbitrations Cosmetic stuff lol


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I'd rather they add Pre-Build Forma for 6x Vitus, and Orokin Catalyst/Reactors for 10x Vitus than them adding Cosmetic Items. At least for now.

More or less, they have their "Starter Pack" for the Cosmetic Section, and I feel later on they can add Expansions to that, but for now they need to focus on adding a few Actually Needed farm-able rewards. (Forma to go alongside the Endo as a part of the classic Endgame style of "You Farm this to make your Great Gear Greater")

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1 minute ago, LupisV0lk said:

@DeMonkey I summon thee!

Pfft, who do you think I am? Some dog Monkey that can be summoned at will to do your dirty work for you?

Well you're absolutely correct. :wink:

Post in feedback OP if you want to be noticed, specifically here given that your point doesn't really deserve to be a thread of it's own. 

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