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My Issues with Arbi... Arbit... Elite Alerts.


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The Elite Alters are entertaining. Gives me something to do, other than finding the right color combination for my fashionframes.

But. And first of all. The drones. Invincibility doesn't belong in Warframe. It just doesn't fit in. Especially in the form the drones. (Althought it is a far better alternative then having the eximus units with those things on them that you have to shot before being able to kill the eximus)

But taking a drone, which is already a hard to hit enemy, in terms of size AND have it immortalize an entire squad of enemies? It gets annoying. It's not fun or challenging it's just flat out annoying especially when you try to hit the drone but hit the wall of enemies instead. Suddenly the hitboxes are gigantic on the enemies. And considering frames that can easily get bulldozed over, like loki, mag and so forth. It ain't gonna be fun for them. 

Also the drones are unaffected by abilities. So yeah. That's some good sh*t right there!

I suggest, instead of an invulnerability, how about damage reduction? Like the Sentient have? Or like the Ancient Healers? That way you can still outdamage the drone and still keep that sort of resistance the drones aim to give us. Also get affected by Abilities like other drones. It doesn't make sense for the drone to be damaged yet be unaffected by abilities. imo. Like they can just ignore the Limbos Rift, they can ignore a entirely different dimension?

moving on.

Also, maybe spawn a kuva vacuum balloon in survival missions like every 15 minutes. Or a Endo vacuum balloon. And maybe in Interception or Defense, spawn a "endo goblin" that the faster you kill it the more endo it drops and it spawns like every 3 rounds in interception or every 5 waves in defense. just to momentarily shift your attention to something else and keep the mission interesting for a bit longer.

Overall the Elite Alerts don't really feel elite, might just because of the +300% strength modifier. But good endo farm.

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