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There is an ignore function to totally cut communication with any particular player.
Or you could simply remove people from friend list.

Also I disabled all invitation options so there is no random invite unless there is pre-arranged session
which the invitation function will be temporary enabled.

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This is actually not a bad request because the steam use the " offline " or invisible mode so if you feel you want to stay alone then you can just log on and do what you wish to do and when you feel or find a kind partner to talke you can just turn visible.

This could work in warframe too but I guess they need to look over the code to implement this feature because the system is only count you online if you are online but if you want to be invisible while playing then they need to implement a feature of it.

The current alternative way to become hidden if you make alt accounts just to leave what you not wish to talk or play at the time.

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Joined just to say this is also something I'd really love. To me, Solo mode implies invisibility, because you're trying to play by yourself. If I wanted my friends to see that I'm online, I wouldn't choose Solo mode. I'm glad I searched to see if this was the case or not before I tried it, because that is not the behavior I would expect if I set my online status to Solo mode.

I'd like to say too that after searching around for this on these forums and on Google, it seems to me a lot of people are missing the point of an Appear Offline option. If your response is something along the lines of "Well you should just be able to tell your friends that you want to play solo and they should be cool with it because they're your friends," you're missing the point entirely.

Of course, people's friends would be cool if they let them know they were gonna play Solo. No big deal in terms of social interaction. That's not the issue. The issue is we'd like to avoid that useless conversation to begin with!

This game is great, and I tip my hat to the developers, this is a pretty fantastic free to play game. But to be perfectly blunt: Why would I ever want to have my name appear in my friends' lists as being "online" if I'm playing in Solo mode? How does that benefit the player in Solo mode? Or even my friends, how does it benefit them to see that I'm online and actively trying to avoid playing with them? Do they gain anything useful from that? I think the answer is no, they get nothing useful out of that. If you just want to play by yourself until a friend invites you to a group or vice versa, you can be in Friends Only mode.

If you want to play Solo but still want to be able to chat with your friends while you play, I feel like there's a million different options in today's age to chat with a friend. And if you really really want that communication vessel to be Warframe, or if you're only friends via Warframe, again I think Friends Only has got you covered already. You can just stay in Friends Only and tell your friends you're just trying to play solo for a bit.

But if you're going to go out of your way to mark yourself as Solo, it should keep you connected to the server but you should no longer appear as online to your friends, that just seems like it defeats the purpose entirely to me.

Anyway, it's a great game regardless and I'm having a blast, but this would be a very welcome change to the game's code that really is just about setting your online status from a friend's perspective to offline when you set your online status to "Appear Offline" or "Solo". I'm sure the wizards who programmed Warframe could add this as an additional online status no problem if "Solo" isn't the answer and if implementing this were made a priority for the team, it would just be a matter of time and cost. The PS4 recently added this feature to PSN, Steam has had it for a while, it's a demonstrably useful feature that makes sense regardless of how great of friends you have.


On that note, cheers, thanks for the great free to play game, see you guys planet side!

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