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Guide of the Lotus Contest on XB1


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Tenno! A Guide of the Lotus will be holding a XB1 Fashion Frame contest at 5:30pm CDT Friday, October 19th, at Vesper Relay #3 in North America. Find your time zone here.

We have 125-plat codes for the top contestants.


  1. Make an outfit.
  2. Bring yourself and your best fashion-framing to Vesper 3 in NA.
  3. Find Delta TND (Senior Guide Of The Lotus)
  4. When you find him, send him a direct message in-game, and he will take a picture of you for your entry!
  5. The judging will take place after a sufficient number of entries have been gathered, but the contest will last at least 30 minutes.
  6. If you want clues on how to find Delta TND, he is planning on streaming this on Mixer here.
  7. Guides of the Lotus can't win because we run the show.
  8. Past winners can't win another prize, but please come back and show off! You inspire us all!


  • Spending time with other Tenno
  • Seeing amazing fashion framers
  • Bragging rights!


By participating, you are allowing Delta TND to take pictures of you in-game and contact you however he can to get you your plat code if you win.

If you'd like to verify any of our claims or verify that we are Guide of the Lotus, feel free to contact me on Discord, my username is ICFXRS#9999.  All times and prizes are subject to availability. (Like if DE has a 2-hour Prime Time, we know people won't show up until after that.)












Time zones: are in CDT, add your time zone here to help you figure the time out.

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