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Vauban re-visit (my version)


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As we all know Vauban is still not in a good place at the moment. The problem with Vauban is that all his abilities are trap based abilities which are not good against enemies with guns which is a problem.

The purpose of my re-visit to Vauban is;

·       Make him affective against enemies with guns.

·       Give his survivability

·       Give him synergy with his abilities.


1st ability:

·       Make them have 100% stun proc.

·       Reduce the charge time to 1sec instead of 3sec.

·       Reduce the shock time to 1sec.

·       Make one tesla shock two enemies instead of one.

·       Holding the ability will slowly move the tesla in the direction you’re facing and double the duration. (This is good for enemies at a distance hiding behind cover)


2nd ability:

·       (NEW) Tether- Replace tripwire with a trap that tether enemies to it slowing down their movement. (tripwire is fun to watch but ultimately useless) It will slow a maximum of 5 enemies.

·       All traps are seeker traps that seek out the nearest enemy to it. (this makes it better of enemies with guns)

·       Bounce will continue to seek out enemies until the number of bounces run out.

·       Increase shred and concuss range to 10m when triggered and on detonation.


4th ability:

·       Increase the range from 6m to 12m.

·       After ability ends it will set off a blast proc explosion knocking enemies down.

·       It can now be deactivated.

All abilities will land where you are aiming at instead of an arch throw.


1st & 4th

If you throw your 1st ability in the 4th ability it will shock every enemy sucked in doing more damage.


2nd (concuss & shred) & 3rd ability

·       If you throw concuss in the 3rd ability while there are enemies held up, it will make enemies outside it shoot enemies affected by it making you less likely to be get shot at if you or your allies are inside 3rd ability and the effect will last until the 3rd ability duration runs out.

·       Throwing shred in there with no enemies in it will shred most of incoming enemy fire making you receive a 70% damage reduction if you or your allies are standing within it and the effect will last until the 3rd ability duration runs out.


2nd (bounce & tether) & 4th ability

Throwing one of the grenades into the 4th ability will perform different results;

·       Bounce will ragdoll all enemies after explosion or on deactivation.

·       Tether will slow all enemies` recovery speed and movement after explosion or on deactivation.

·       Shred will strip all enemies armour during 4th ability activation.

·       Concuss will affected all enemies after explosion.

·       If you throw 2 different grenades in the 4th ability, the last one will take priority over the 1st on you put it previously.

Environmental trap synergy

·       If you throw your 1st ability onto/near a trap it will override it which means you or your allies will no longer be affect by the trap but will instead affect enemies.

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