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A survey about new players in your country


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  I'm a Chinese player,my English is bad,so most of the following content comes from Google Translate.Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you😥

  I always see some new players asking questions like this.....

  About weapons:“What weapon is good?”//“Where can I get tihs weapon?”“Can this weapon be sold?”//“Is it worth the Potato/Forma to give this weapon?”//“What cards does this weapon need, is there a picture?”
  Questions about Warframes and Mods are similar to weapons...

  About quests:“(Focus) Which one to choose?”//“Where is Harrow's quest?”//“Where is Apostasy Prologue?”

  About riven mod:“Where can I get the purple card?→ How to complete this challenge?→ Is this purple card good?→ How much is this purple card value?→What attributes does this purple card require?→ Is this purple card attribute good?→ How much can this purple card sell?→xx sell this purple card loss?”

  I don't know if there are such players in your country, but such players are many in China.
  I really don't like this kind of problem that can be solved independently. Do you have many such players in your country?

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3 hours ago, Ada_Wong_SG said:

The difficult part of this game is memorizing the wiki in your head so you can answer these questions easily.

I found myself referring to it at the start of the Kela de Thaym mission. Didn't realise you had to shoot the green lights on the walls in order to activate the arena. :laugh:

This game can be so opaque sometimes. 

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