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1) On the carrier prime 3 color is responsible for the prime insert, and not 4 as for everything else, as for the prime? Perhaps this is the decision of designers but it stands out against the background of everything.


2)When  the first color is black or some other, and the third colors on the ship is white  or other light then the wallpaper is not displayed.



3) When third colors on the prism skins is white colors , there the energy does not pulsate,this is not present at all prism skins but still there is.



4)It is also very embarrassing that on cats and dogs it is impossible to change the color of energy, while the infestoid is completely amenable to change.

5)Also an error with the quest vor prize , when will it be fixed? I think it's can to run the script like when it came out and the players went through it again

6)Also, the benefits of ludoplex are few, you can make it 2 sections of the game and simulacrum

7)The error is related to facial accessories,more precisely ki'teer atmos oculus, eye line and the effects that occur on it depend not on the energy of the costume, but on the second color  facial accessories




😎 Some bugs with the body of the operator




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