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Paracesis modding question [Spoilers]



Don't read this if you haven't done the Sacrifice quest yet.

As I'm leveling the Paracesis a thought occurred to me.

With a max of 90 mod capacity one could throw both Sacrificial mods on without having to worry about running out on capacity for the other mods.

However, as Sacrificial pressure with the set bonus doesn't match Primed pressure point, is it worth it?

Is the lower damage increase worth the greater crit chance compared to a Normal True steal? (who even uses true steel?)
Is the lower damage increase worth dealing even more damage to sentients? (does it even stack?)

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15 minutes ago, BaIthazar said:

(who even uses true steel?)

Lots... of... people?

Blood Rush, which I presume is why you don't think True Steel is worth, works off of modded Crit Chance.

To put it mathematically, at 1.5x combo.

- Paracesis with Blood Rush = ~108% crit chance.

- Paracesis with Blood Rush and True Steel = ~ 173% crit chance.

- Paracesis with Blood Rush and Sacrificial Steel (and Sacrificial Pressure for the bonus) = ~226% crit chance.

So, yes, you could certainly get some good use out of using the Sacrifical Mods on it.

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To me the exchange of Damage to Higher CC% is worth it ... unfortunately the mod cost can seem taxing in that trade. Like @DeMonkey put even without Bloodrush you can still get ... what was it 67% CC on the Paracesis ... i'm still curious how Melee 3.0 will handle mods like Bloodrush and Berserker ... maybe those sacrificial mods will become a necessity in more builds after.

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