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Game freezing and crashing when opening menus


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For a few months I've been having a problem with crashing. 
When I open menus (esc-menu, arsenal, navigation etc) the game sometimes freezes and crashes.
This only happens when I'm in menus, if I manage to get out on a mission or decide to just walk around in my orbiter, everything works just fine. 
It doesn't always happen with a certain menu, sometimes I can go through several different ones without any problems.
It does seem like the more interactable objects there are on the menu, the greater the likelihood of a crash, so maybe some sort of overload?
Also, once I'm in a menu, it works fine, it's specifically when I open a new menu that things go wrong.
I have tried to fiddle around with my in-game settings, but to no avail. I also tried verifying the game files, but same thing there.
I know that my rig is more than capable of running the game, so that's not the issue. I have also made sure to update my drivers.

This is one of the codes the post-crash program gave me: WAR-2018166

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