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Maroo's Ayatan Treasure Hunt missions bug


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So there's this type of weekly missions given by Maroo at her bazaar where you go after Ayatan sculptures. For that you choose a specific option in a dialogue with her and then, if the mission is available, she tells you that and asks if you're ready to go now. If you've already completed the mission this week, she simply tells you something along the lines "no new clues for now".

Turns out, there is a bug which allows you to take on as many missions as you want. For that, you simply continue bothering Maroo asking her about the mission, and after 5 to 10 times, she finally tells you there is a mission available. If you turn down the offer, you won't have to go through the clicking again, if you ask again right away, she will always offer the mission.

I've had to try it 4 times, because I failed the mission 3 times and I wanted to be sure this bug merits real rewards. Thankfully, it doesn't (if it did, I wouldn't have posted it here anyway, going for the Customer Support instead xD). The resources I've acquired, as well as the Ayatan sculpture, haven't been added to my inventory. HOWEVER, what it does change, is the equipment's rank. The experience you've earned remains.

After I finally completed the mission, I've been able to access it again by going through the same procedure. So I assume you can complete these "empty" missions as much as you want. No rewards though.  

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16 минут назад, Jivy сказал:

its not a bug you just cant rerun it and get more ayatans

Alright, why do I have to ask her many times just for a rerun? Shouldn't it be available right away and, moreover, shouldn't the game tell me that it IS a rerun? Because, by all looks, it wasn't. I've only learnt it is when I noticed there are no rewards.

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