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Arbitration - Mission :: Ur/Uranus


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The mission once clicked on from alert starts the Normal "ur/uranus" mission and not the Arbitration.

This have now happened today the past 3 hours twice.

Missions are started occurs once entered as Normal NOT the "special mode".
had same issue before on the version.2 Stephano on the open room. (mobs got stuck in floor and/or could not be seen or found nor attacked).

This regards to the mission:

UR (Uranus)
Defense - Infestation (Arbitration)
Level 60-80
Reward: 50.000 Credit + 1 VITUS ESSENCE.


Please correct this issue.

Side note: Same issue happens on KUVA MISSIONS!
you click "Kuva Siphon/Flood" but the mission is normal low level and not the specific version!

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