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Why are the new polarities not formable?


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4 hours ago, (XB1)Skippy575 said:

You have to "gasp" make a SACRIFICE!

Get it? 😄


Thought it over.....mulled it in my brainpan.....


Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. 

Basically, this is a new chapter to our gaming experience in WARFRAME. We started with out first free frame when we began the game. Progressed through the trials and tribulations DE presented to tell a story. When we got ready for a new chapter, they gave us another free frame with some new mods to show things are going to be a bit different than what you are used to (get item, forma,get strong, move on to next item).

If you want to use these mods on your prior Frames, you gotta figure out how to do it. Most peeps just slap more FORMA on and do what they do. Others see which Frames and weapons they can use with these to the best way as well as seeing if they are worth it. Tankier Frames are ok....but if you never go past 100 HP cuz you Dodge, parry, twist, spin (PLANK!!)...let's try that again- Dodge,spin, parry, twist..what reason do you need 1000 HP?

Play around with what you have til the next Umbra comes out with more mods....and that is where the real test begins. What mods will that one have that are different than UExcal?

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